20 May 2024

An Alumni talk in Brooklyn, new furniture pieces for small apartments along with Muji and trend research at New York City Design Week 

On the occasion of the NYCxDesign Festival, we will be present in New York City Design Week with different events.  

Take note and don’t miss the opportunity to meet us:  


  • WANTEDDESIGN Schools Exhibition @ ICFF MANHATTAN | May 19-21 

We will be present at the Wanted Design Schools Exhibit area, featuring students' work from international design schools, showing the fluidity of the GEN Z homes and their relationship with spaces.    

In an ever-changing context, the younger generations need spaces that can transform responding to their needs. That is what MUJI asked IED Torino's product design students, to design versatile solutions created for temporary and small houses for people between 24 and 30 years old. The results are flexible designs with multiple functionalities responding to the different needs inside an apartment from day to night.    

The designs are pieces of furniture that combine the purity of MUJI Japanese aesthetics with the specific requirements of the Italian context. There is furniture for every room - from the living room to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the bathroom - that is versatile, practical and perfectly in keeping with the idea of a temporary, compact space. 

Venue: ICFF Manhattan, Oasis Talk Area. 

Date and time: May 19 to 21, from 10 AM to 18 PM. 

More info here.  


  • Riccardo Balbo joins the talk “The Role of Education for the Future of Design” @ ICFF MANHATTAN | May 20 

A discussion on the future of Design Education, exploring how educational institutions can harness international experiences to enrich their programs and how they can integrate emerging tools such as artificial intelligence into the educational framework. 

Talk in partnership with Superstudio

Venue: ICFF Manhattan, Oasis Talk Area. 

Date and time: May 20, 1.30 PM. 

Speakers: Riccardo Balbo, Giulio Cappellini (Superstudio), Anita Cooney (School of Design, Pratt Institute - NYC), Mariana Chàavez Moya (Universidad Iberoamericana - Mexico) and Pascale Serck (ENSAAMA - Paris).

More info here.  


  • “NEW NOW - Broaden the perspective to see the big picture” talk by Giovanni Ottonello 

On May 21, Giovanni Ottonello, IED’s Art Director, will offer a talk at Istituto Italiano di Cultura in NYC with the title “NEW NOW – Broaden the perspective to see the big picture”.  

“In such a rapidly changing world, is it possible to read the present? What codes are hidden behind a film, a photograph or a piece of clothing?” These are some of the questions we’ll try to answer understanding the new codes and languages from our contemporary era.  

Venue: Istituto Italiano di Cultura New York City. 

Date and time: May 21, 6 pm. 

More info here.


  • “Is Creativity Enough? Designing with ethics and values for the common goods” 

A conversation with a selection of IED remarkable alumni based in NYC sharing their personal vision on their educational background in Italy, and discussing how their knowledge has been making a difference while working in the NYC creative industry.  

Venue: Salotto, Brooklyn. 

Date and time: May 22, 7 PM. 

Speakers: Emiliano Ponzi, Gabriel Zangari, Sophie Herslow, Gabriele Chiave and Riccardo Balbo (moderator). 

More info here.  

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