14 May 2024

IED is the most rewarded Italian Academy with one silver and one bronze pencil plus 7 merits. The authors are Communication Design students from the IED Milano, Rome and Turin schools

It has been a record-breaking edition for IED, in terms of shortlist and merits at The Young Ones Student Awards, one of the world's major creativity contests, promoted by The One Club for Creativity with the aim of identifying the best young international talents in different creative disciplines.

The following projects were awarded:

Unmatchable Leftovers, which won a silver (second place) in the category, realized on a brief by Velveeta cheese by the IED Roma group composed of Roberta Salvia, Massimiliano Rossi Mandatori, Daniele Stecconi. The creative idea aims to avoid food waste by giving leftovers a new life: for this to happen, simply cover leftovers with Velveeta, a cheese that - melted - covers the flavors of individual leftovers giving them a new and unparalleled taste.

The Last Hangover, which won a bronze in the print, promotional & OOH category. It was created on a brief from food tech company NotCo by the IED Milano group composed of Chiara Bellini, Matilde Daïda Cargnino, Federica Ferrari and Marianna Santonicola (art director) and Mariamague! and Maragno (copywriters): the proposal plays on the idea of an original sponsorship, that of National Football Hangover Day, the Monday after the Super Bowl finals, when on average about 19 million Americans skip work or call in sick to sober up. How? Through a special probiotic supplement, NotHangover, capable of softening the post-festivities hangover.


In addition to the two awarded projects, the following ones also flew to New York in the finals with merits:

Call of Duo by IED Torino (authors Alessia Sculli, Benedetta Kefalas, Sabrina Rosato, Elena Peretti), "gaming" category

Not Trevor by IED Torino (authors Simone Ghibaudo, Giulia Tanga, Nicolò Ramin, Chiara Canis), "gaming" category

Goldenize your stain by IED Milano (team Enrico Portesan, Andrea Baciliero, Luca Fisher, Alessandro Mongelli, Alesandro Crespi), "experiential & immersive" category

Masterdrag by IED Milano (Camilla Isabel Tura De Marco, Emanuele D'Alessandro, Amina Seck, Sara Camera, Silvia Casati), with two merits, one for the "print, promotional" & OOH category and one for "Experiential & Immersive."

Duolingo Sign by IED Milano (Federico Giberti, Libera Mastropierro, Alessandro Perego, Luca Roveda, Silvia Volino Coppola), category "integrated campaign"

The winnier project The last hangover by IED Milano finally won a merit also for the category "integrated campaign"


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