12 January 2023

Doing Fashion Marketing does not mean only to sell a garment or an accessory, it means to understand costumer’s necessities through study and analysis of the topic trends, in order to create a brand’s narrative that could engage and thrill the public.

We could definitely say that, in years, fashion marketing experienced several changes, which have forced brands to change their communication style and, more often, even the product itself.

In this case, Milan has been able to establish itself as a solid reality. The Fashion Marketing Undergraduate Course concerns all those elements: a dynamic context that is updated from year to year and that makes the contact with companies and professionals in the sector its strong point. 

During the three years of the course students will have the chance to learn not only through theoretical lessons but also, and above all, thanks to the development and implementation of projects in collaboration with companies.

You will be introduced to the course by studying the cultural context of this discipline, learning about the technical and methodological tools. As you continue, you will gain more and more awareness of what marketing is and how it can be applied in order to communicate a product’s values.

The teachers will be a real reference point, able to bring their experience from heterogeneous reality but always at the top of fashion. Professionals such as: Valentina Rainone (CFO of Marni and course coordinator), Manuela Colombini (Co-founder Strategist and Client Manager of M2 Consultancy) and Alessandro Turci (Fashion Designer and Art Director) will be able to give an interdisciplinary approach to the course that will culminate in a thesis project that can test asking to give shape to the expressive identity of each student.

To learn more about this, please click here, where you can discover the complete program of the three-year course in Fashion Marketing.


Image credits: communication design students' project for the company Santa Giulia

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