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October 2024


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3 Years

Course Coordination

Valentina Rainone

The Fashion Marketing Undergraduate Programme delivered at IED Milano will introduce you to the world of marketing as a tool of creative communication

What does it mean to work in Fashion Marketing today? How can we address all the challenges of a fast-changing market? These are just some of the questions that we will help you figure out with our three-year Fashion Marketing degree programme at IED Milano. 

Our training package never stops evolving. Based on a study plan that gets updated every year to meet the latest job market needs, it will give you the opportunity to experience what fashion communication is all about. Over the three years, you will learn how to develop and manage an integrated communication strategy. You will work on advertising campaigns, liaise with the media and industry professionals, organize special events and fashion shows. You will also be involved in marketing plans for products, designer and fashion brands.

Your passion will grow into a highly sought-after job, as you quickly become a key link between your company and its target market, with a deep understanding of what both want and need.

Information to decide

Get all the tools you need to understand and interpret what the fashion system is all about

The key purpose of our three-year degree programme in Fashion Marketing at IED Milano is to train up professionals with deep cultural knowledge, combined with excellent critical and analytical skills. We also want to provide all the tools needed to develop strategic communication as a basis for innovative marketing projects. Based on current market trends, special attention will be paid to the digital world, to social media and also to the emerging challenges of ethics and sustainability associated with this sector.

Over your time here, you will get a close look at what the fashion system is all about. You will have the opportunity to develop a critical and analytical mindset for interpreting cultural, historical and social factors as a whole. At the same time, you will also take your first steps into the market, focusing on such factors as brand identity, product placement, distribution and customer relations. 

Our methods are based on qualitative and quantitative analysis, where marketing is seen as a storytelling, as a way to communicate brands and products, but also as a discipline applied to study and measure the logics of the market. You will acquire and master specialist knowledge and tools, such as market research and analysis, business plans, budgeting, relationship and viral marketing, consumer psychology and brand analysis. After three years, you will have acquired the necessary skills to develop a critical and personal approach to business challenges. You will be able to work independently, with a critical mindset, bringing innovation and quality into play when it comes to designing a complete and consistent marketing plan.

The three-year degree programme in Fashion Marketing at IED Milano is for anyone who wants to start a career in marketing with some of the most renowned companies in the fashion industry, both domestically and internationally. It is also the best option for those who dream of creating their own fashion brand in the near future. 

This programme provides an exciting and dynamic environment and you will soon find out that marketing has also plenty to offer in terms of creativity. You will connect with industry experts, who will be there to support you with your career development. They will also help you build the confidence you need as you prepare to move into the job market.

You will acquire a solid cultural base covering many different disciplines, from history of styles to mass media communication, in combination with more practical subjects such as graphic design. After three years, you will be able to work with Fashion Marketing in all of its many forms, with a greater awareness of all of the different roles available in this industry. There are those who would rather be in a brand management position, while others feel they have more of a sense for selecting a branded series for use in different channels. And there are also those who already view themselves working as key players in real or digital sales management. 

The key asset of the Fashion Marketing degree programme at IED Milano is our method, which is based on learning by doing. This programme will give you the opportunity to be involved in both theory and practical work. You will thus acquire all the tools you need to successfully approach the job market at the end of the three years.

Our philosophy is about working with real business cases from the very first year. This will give you first-hand experience of what working in Fashion Marketing is like, based on real examples and not just on theory. Together we will look at how to approach different types of marketing and communication challenges, starting with the customer's original brief all the way through to presenting data and results.

Over your time here, you will be supported and tutored by a faculty of professionals and experts with a recognized background in their areas of expertise. Other than curricular work, you will also be involved in lab sessions, contests, seminars, special projects, and other activities organized by our school. You will soon realize that the word fashion covers so many different areas and you will be able to join a network of professionals working across all sectors.

This programme aims to prepare future professionals who want to find their way in the Fashion Marketing industry, working as Brand and Communication Specialists, Merchandising Specialists, Product Managers, Fashion Buyers, Retail & Store Specialists and Digital Coordinators.

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

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first year

The first year is the year when you expand your general knowledge and develop your visual culture of fashion. You will be encouraged to carry out research and we will help you with a lot of ideas that you can further investigate in textbooks or case studies. On top of that, you will also start to analyse how styles evolve in fashion, learning about tools and methods for accurate market and customer research.

Marketing Methods
Fashion Management
Fashion Marketing 1
Textile Culture
Fashion Media
Style, History of Arts and Costume
History of Fashion 1
Computer Graphics 1

second year

On your second year, you will go deeper into cultural and technical subjects from the first year with a greater awareness. The focus will be on developing your own critical thinking. 

History of Fashion 2
Phenomenology of Fashion
Fashion Product
Brand Management
Fashion Retail 1
Multimedia Communication
Fashion Marketing 2
Computer Graphics 2
Marketing Ethics

third year

On your third year, you will learn to work independently on your own projects. You will improve your personal skills as you prepare to successfully move into your future career. You will be able to approach critical analysis, recognize brand strengths and weaknesses, and develop a plan on how to build your own business.

Fashion Retail 2
Digital Media Marketing
Visual Culture
Business Management
Fashion Marketing 3
History of Fashion 3


Valentina Rainone

CFO Global at Wolford

Course Coordinator

Manuela Colombini

Co-founder Strategist & Client Manager of M2 Consultancy Srl

Caterina Migliore

Senior Product Manager

Viviana Musumeci

Journalist and lecturer

Alessandro Turci

Stylist and Art Director

Simona Bertoli

Communication consultant and lecturer

Fabio Foschi

Professional Consultant in Business Management and University Lecturer in Management Economics

Marco Martello

Editor, Copywriter, Communication Specialist

Erika Serafin

Career Counselor

Francesco Brunacci