Food Design System x Edivi


08 June 2022

Two projects from the interdisciplinary subject Food Design System have been presented at the latest meeting of EDIVI on the theme people- and planet-centred design as the key to a sustainable future, within the framework of Barcelona Design Week.

Students Ana Sofía Rubio and Roig Vilaró from the Interior Design and Product Design programmes were the representatives participating in the event, explaining the projects Slow Soap and Plastik.

Both projects respond to a concrete and ambitious brief: to reflect on food preservation systems imagining a future without an electricity supply.

Slow Soap, by Roig Vilaró and Laura Bilbao, proposes a company that reuses olive oil from different restaurants to produce soap; and Plastik, by Ana Sofía Rubio and Bruno Pacini, conceives the creation of plastic containers using milk and vinegar.

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