30 October 2018

Leonardo Traina selected by the Type Directors Club of New York, the leading international typography organisation

After his Master Degree in Graphic Design, Leonardo Traina seems to be carving out a place for himself in the world of graphics and creativity.

Even as early as during his Master Course, with a project involving the redesign of the cover of the Panorama weekly magazine, he managed to win a competition where he was given the opportunity to work for one of the largest publishing companies in Italy: Arnoldo Mondadori Editore.

It was this project that acted as a springboard, giving him the opportunity in the following years to come into contact with some of the most important and visionary players in the field of Brand Consultancy and Graphic Design, such as LeftLoft,, Flash Art, Gruppo Armando Testa and CBA Italy.

A professional background enabling him to focus not just on the rebranding and strategic positioning of major brands, but also to fine-tune all aspects of the design and creative process.

Leonardo currently holds the position of Senior Graphic Designer at CBA Italy, a branding agency using a person-centred approach to design brand experiences and identities, combining strategic analysis with creative vision.

This year, Leonardo received the TDC Award-Certificate of Typographic Excellence, an international award granted by the Type Directors Club of New York that honours the World's Best Typography of 2018. The Jury, consisting of well-known international designers, selected his work along with 265 finalists from 55 countries around the world.