11 September 2019

Under the title “How black is black Friday?”, the second edition of the Global Goals Jam took place in Milan to face the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations for 2030

The challenge was to be capable of combining different points of view through the design thinking methodology, from the technological one to that of design and fashion, from that linked to expectations about oneself, to the other and what is desirable to do together.

Black Friday - the celebration par excellence of compulsive purchasing just or almost for the sake of doing it at what is considered a good price - should generate a series of questions: what are the costs, in environmental terms, of production, packaging, and transportation of all these superfluous goods? What can I do and what can you do to avoid this waste? What can we do together?

The theme of sustainable development also acquires specific connotations, bringing new ways of tackling the 17 Sustainable Global Goals on which Jam is working on and their increasingly close correlations and interdependencies. For this reason, the Milanese 2020 edition will also focus on SDG 5, or on achieving gender equality, as well as on SDGs 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), 13 (Climate Action) and social overeating.

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