IED Milan honoured at the Clio Awards with a campaign for Linkedin


07 June 2022

Shining a spotlight on failure: the campaign with which students Alberto Baesso and Francesco Fusi won a bronze medal at the famous competition was entitled “Invisible failures”.

Life isn’t just a succession of achievements and successes, as it might often appear, especially on platforms like Linkedin. Behind every success lies dozens of rejections and failures, and this is true for even the greatest business men and women.

So why shouldn’t we shine a spotlight on this bumpy road, in order to provide a truer and more multi-faceted image of one’s career journey, even on Linkedin?

This is precisely the focus of the Invisible Failures campaign launched by the (now former) Communication Design students Alberto Baesso and Francesco Fusi, who received a bronze medal at the Clio Awards international creativity competition, with particular attention being paid to the job crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The social media campaign, which was created based on a brief for Linkedin and was submitted under the multi-platform category for B2B, features testimonials by 5 business people known around the world, who included failures, layoffs, and unachieved goals on their profiles.

Check it out here

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