07 March 2023

Italian Design Day 2023 theme is "The quality that enlightens" - Design energy for people and the environment

The Italian Design Day 2023 theme brings together different facets of the sector, from quality as a connector along the entire design supply chain, to energy as an element at the base of the production process, from sustainability and respect for the environment to people as the core around which to conceive and develop innovative ideas to combine functionality and well-being.

IED participates in the 2023 edition with four Design Ambassadors selected from its staff and faculty, initiatives in Spain and Brazil, a selection of projects on the theme exhibited in Tbilisi in Georgia, and online and a dedicated scholarship.


Design Ambassadors:


Riccardo Balbo - IED Academic Director 

Design Ambassador in Poland.

He will share the Italian Design philosophy on March 21st and 22nd focusing on the Made in Italy factor, with an approach about quality over quantity and sustainability.


Simona Bordone - IED Milano teacher - Domus special projects manager

Design Ambassador in Jordan.

She will have a talk in Ammann on March 9th about “A collective process” at the University of Jordan. 


Stefano Carta Vasconcellos - Academic Project Manager 

Design Ambassador in Hungary.

On March 9th, he will be part of the event organized by the Italian Embassy with an intervnetion about Design and Ethics.


Giovanni Ottonello - IED Art Director

Design Ambassador in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Design Institute will be the location of the “The Light of Trend” talk on March 9th by Giovanni Ottonello. 


Spain’s Initiative 


On Thursday, March 9th, the Design Museum of Barcelona will host a roundtable discussion: “Luz y energía: Habitat y Ciudad”. 

Architect, lighting designer, MMAS founder, and IED Barcelona teacher Michela Mezzavilla will host the roundtable. 


Brazil’s Initiative 


IED teacher Alexandre Salles will participate in a special Casa Fiat di Cultura event in Belo Horizonte; while in IED Rio, the architect, researcher, curator, and teacher Nina Bassoli will offer a talk about sustainability and design.


Georgia's Initiative


The Italian Embassy in Tbilisi will showcase a project exhibition by IED students on March 29-30th. Also, in this context, IED will offer a scholarship for Georgian students. 


IED reflects on the IDD theme and proposes three different concepts:



A balance between creativity, coherence, space, and form where the quality of the students' projects is such that many projects went into production.


Understanding light as an indispensable source of energy for development and growth. It even has the power to change our habits. Design can provide answers on using,  transforming, amplifying, and communicating light.


Light bases its communication on two levels: environmental and directional. The first is on an unconscious and therefore indirect level, and the second is on a conscious and direct one. Like a light on a stage, design enlightens today’s issues, seeking solutions and confrontations.


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