22 December 2022

Las Manuelas - Art Series is the newest edition of the Las Manuelas Project supported by IED

Las Manuelas -  Art Series is the newest edition of the Las Manuelas Project created by the Peruvian organization Movimiento Manuela Ramos in 2012,  with the goal to empower Peruvian women in rural areas. IED has supported its mission since the beginning,creating a co-design platform and with the constant collaboration of its Students and Alumni.

Based on an unprecedented collaboration between Las Manuelas, the collective of Peruvian alpaca herders and artisans from Puno, south of Peru, and eleven contemporary artists, Las Manuelas -  Art Series collection came to life from the collaboration between opposite worlds that also seem to complement each other, such as urban and rural, artisan and artist.

Eleven textile pieces were co-designed and realized with the precious natural wool of alpaca, hand-dyed and knitted, with soul and care, based on the artwork of the following artists, an exciting selection by David Lapof, Curator and Project Manager in IED Centro Ricerche.

  • Solomostry (Milan, Italy)
  • SatOne (Munich, Germany)
  • Seikon (Gdynia, Poland)
  • Zebu (Berlin, Germany)
  • HuskMitNavn (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Broken Fingaz (Haifa, Israel)
  • Bicicleta Sem Freio (Goiânia,Brazil)
  • L’Atlas (Paris, France)
  • Revok (Los Angeles, California)
  • Rekaone (Sydney, Australia)
  • Lakwena (London, United Kingdom)

"Lines of division are blurred today, especially in fashion. Luxury brands are fascinated by the culture that once upon a time may have seemed to contradict them. Things can get exciting when you juxtapose two forms of expression that have never been fused before. When I first learned about Las Manuelas, they had already incorporated the work of some contemporary designers. Yet the idea to blend a rural, traditional process with raw urban culture was tempting to say the least. We could breathe new life into the term Streetwear!"

David Lapof, Curator



Las Manuelas:   @las.manuelas
Las Manuelas Art Series is available on ADORNO 
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Las Manuelas Art Series - exhibition/installation @ Copenhagen fashion Week AW23 - FIND OUT MORE


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