04 April 2023

English artist Lucy Orta has been invited by IED to Mentor a group of students selected from all the Group's campuses in Italy, Spain and Brazil to work on the conception and creation of a large installation on the theme of "transition" that will be exhibited at Salone Brunelleschi of Istituto degli Innocenti on 14 June on the occasion of Pitti Uomo 104.

IED chose Lucy Orta because of her talent in combining drawing, sculpture, textiles, photography, film, performance, and her use of innovative language to address co-creation issues that concern the contemporary world: community and social inclusion, mobility, sustainable development and human rights. The artist met with Fashion Design students at the IED Firenze seat in Palazzo Pucci N6 to initiate reflection on the theme of transition and at the same time translate it into a work that enhances the Brunelleschi Hall of the Istituto degli Innocenti as an exhibition space where the research of art meets the reflection of fashion.

Students are called upon to decode the term transition understood as a moment passing and the complexity that every change entails. Every transition is the consequence of a need to adapt to a crisis that at the same time allows a different future to be planned, every transition is a search and in part a compromise. The installation will be choral and the proposed objects, conceived through the forms and tools of critical contemporary design research, that increasingly intersect with the territory of fashion production, will make up a coherent whole.

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