14 March 2019

Villaverde and Carabanchel neighbourhoods are part of the project, Madrid Creativa, that, through creativity, design, innovation and citizen participation, sets in motion the city's urban development

IED Spain has led the "Madrid Creativa" project between 2018 and 2023, financed by the Department of Economy and Finance of Madrid. It was an urban activation project for Madrid's neighbourhoods and districts through creativity, design, innovation and citizen participation. 

The project has been developed in the districts of Carabanchel and Villaverde. Different artistic interventions stand out among the actions carried out in collaboration with artists and the neighbourhood associations of Carabanchel. These are the artworks on the sports field on Tulga street, on the old water tank on the same street, on the façade of the La Matilda rehearsal building or the Virtual Reality design of the future Plaza de Almodovar, which was used as the basis for the reform project of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Madrid. 

Likewise, the temporary installation “HIJOS DE ROJAS” stands out. This consisted of the restoration of 10 iconic signs of  businesses from the past on the façade of the emblematic "Gruta 77" rehearsal and concert hall. Also the intervention of the artist Cesar Goce on the wall of Paseo Marcelino Camacho 55 or of Niko Barrena in the Parque Eugenia de Montijo.  

In the Villaverde district, the artist Daniela Castilho Duarte created a mural where she captured the collective vision of the residents of the neighbourhood who took part in the cycle of Sustainability and Creativity Workshops where actions were also carried out in the public space of Doña Petronila street. In order to reactivate the industrial areas of Villaverde, several mural interventions were carried out on the wall of the Talleres JDJ by the artist Diego Vicente and on the wall of the Azulejos Rosa company by Virginia Bersabé and Íñigo Sesma.

As part of the project, books-guides of the industrial heritage of Carabanchel and Villaverde were published and architectural routes were developed through these heritage sites.

Find more information about this project in the website of Madrid Creativa.

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