20 April 2020

The short film '3 minutes to live', with which Emanuele Motti and Vittorio Ascolani graduated in Illustration and Animation, is competing at the prestigious 2020 Annecy Festival in the 'graduation films' category.

Not everyone gets a chance to see their dissertation project leave the classrooms where they have sweated to complete it and win over a jury of experts, with the possibility of competing in the largest international festival in their field of study.

However, this has just happened to Emanuele Motti and Vittorio Ascolani, both alumni of Illustration and Animation at IED Milano. Their talents have just seen some first, valuable recognition from the outside. The short film '3 minutes to live' that the two young creative artists graduated with last July, was selected (from the 3,100 films received from 94 countries) to compete in the prestigious 2020 Annecy Festival (scheduled to be held online on 15-30 June) in the Graduation Films category.

To make the short film '3 minutes to live' – one of just 44 finalists in the category – Emanuele and Vittorio managed every single design and production aspect on their own: from the screenplay to the editing, the creation and development of the characters, the design of the sound and dubbing, and of course the animations. The two filmmakers are already working in a professional animation and motion graphics studio – Racoonstudio, founded by the IED teacher and alumnus Riccardo Galimberti – where they are helping with the production of the updated webseries 'Mo te lo spiego'.

The plot - 3 minutes to live

Young Mr Johnson goes to the hospital to pick up a report and discovers that he has only three minutes left to live. Three minutes that correspond to the duration of the short film. The news shocks him and drives him mad. He kills the doctor and flees by jumping out the window.

Crazy and incredible events ensue, causing panic among the public and terrible violence everywhere, interrupted by mutant creatures invading the planet and unleashing general chaos.

The president tries to stop the catastrophe, but instead of hitting mutants with an atomic missile, he destroys an alien spaceship. This triggers the vengeance of aliens invading the earth to eliminate all forms of life. The final clash takes place between aliens and mutants and results in a devastating explosion that destroys the planet. The final white screen returns to the medical report, leaving the interpretation open to the viewer....

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