19 September 2022

Reparto Studio, the fashion brand established by Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design graduates Ana Viglione and Margil Peña, won the third edition of the Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion award

Since the brand was presented on the 18th of September at the 2022 edition of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Reparto has continued to evolve professionally since it first participated at the 2020 edition of EGO with its FIGURANTES collection. These young designers haven’t lost any of their distinctive or transgressive style, as is evident in the characteristic designs of their SAMPLES and OLD STOCK collections presented in the Showroom this year. 

The Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion award acknowledges the work of young designers, providing them with financial support in the form of a €6,000 award for the creation and production of a new collection. Ana and Margil say this award is exactly the economic boost they need to develop their brand, and an important next step to continue living their passion for fashion. 

Reparto will be playing an active role in the next edition of ARCOMadrid, designing the uniforms for the staff working at the art fair.

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