04 November 2022

The two-year course in Transdisciplinary Design will take place in Turin and will investigate new ways of conceiving and realising the relationship between design and society

On Monday 17 October, the Turin campus launched the Master of Arts in Transdisciplinary Design, a two-year course created to contribute to the evolution of society through an open, dynamic and transdisciplinary approach to design, aware of the importance of transversal thinking that transcends individual professions.

The opening speech and introductory lecture by the Academic Director of the IED Group, Riccardo Balbo, inaugurated the intense program that will launch a network of high-level experiences across a broad range of disciplines: from interaction design to service design, from the design of autonomous systems through big data visualization to product and environmental design.

Some of the theoretical lectures take place inside OGR Tech, the hub dedicated to innovation and business acceleration. This is an ideal scenario to promote the composition of a multidisciplinary study-collective environment in which the participants, each with their background and starting from quite different skills, will investigate the reality of dynamic cities and mobility, learning how to learn, within a field of complexity, and integrate the future into their thinking.

The Two-Year Master of Arts in Transdisciplinary Design is coordinated by Lowie Vermeersch and Wouter Haspeslagh, respectively CEO & Creative Director and Urban Planner & Mobility Researcher at design house Granstudio.

The teaching staff is composed entirely of experienced mobility and urban development professionals involved in the construction and management of urban governance structures, such as Paolo Verri, urban practitioner, Micheal Thomson, Founder & Director of Desing Connect and many others.

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