El programa de cocreación entre IED Barcelona y MANE, “The Scent of Design”, traducirá aromas en diseño


19 January 2024

The collaboration between IED Barcelona and MANE has been strengthened by this interdisciplinary design and fragrance project

After creating the perfume for the Fashioners of the World 2023 fashion parade, MANE, France’s main Group and one of the world’s leader in the fragrance and flavour industry, is once again collaborating with IED Barcelona on a proposal that combines scents and design. The perfumers from this French firm will work with second-year Fashion, Transportation, Product and Graphic Design students in “The Scent of Design” interdisciplinary project so that they can learn how to convert fragrances into design.

A total of 10 sessions will be held throughout February to April, during which the techniques and languages of the world of fragrances will be discovered from a global perspective. The first phase of the project has been planned as a creative laboratory in which to promote sensory immersion for the students and encourage an inner connection to help them awaken their olfactory memories. Then, during a second phase, students will work in groups to come up with a unique fragrance for each of their designs.

“The Scent of Design” will be tutored by IED Barcelona teacher David Ortega and will include the participation of experts from MANE such as Capucine Villard Altounyan, Sales and Marketing director of Perfumery in Spain and Portugal, and Melanie Duhamel, director of Fragrances in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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