14 November 2022

Talk with Margherita Maccapani Missoni, Entrepreneur and Creative Director and mentor of The IED Master in Fashion Business

This innovative and professionalising Master’s degree program in Fashion Business at IED Firenze seeks to train up professionals who are currently high in demand in the fashion industry, with a combination of skills that will surely prove invaluable for companies and market players looking to make a difference.

The Master’s Degree covers several areas and provides an in-depth understanding of the overall industry, combined with advanced knowledge of brand strategy processes, marketing and communication skills, business development know-how and a strong business acumen, driven by a product-thinking mindset.

Here a short insight by Mentor Margherita Maccapani Missoni, Entrepreneur and Creative Director.

Recently, the fashion industry and its creative talents have faced a series of unprecedented challenges. From evolving consumer expectations on speed to market and sustainability, supply chain bottlenecks, a pandemic, a looming recession. Today, brands must navigate consistent disruption with agility. To study brand management will mean not only to have an understanding of the fashion business and operations aspects, but also to have the promptness and flexibility to respond with suitable strategies that not only look into the present but already into the future.

I think that the Internet has democratised fashion. The traditional top down marketing approaches don't work anymore. Previously, brands would tightly own their own image and narrative.

But when it comes to modern ways of communication, leveraging on the narrative of creative consumers, and their interpretation of the brands, becomes fundamental, as brands evolve with the consumer. So brand management and communication cannot go in with set expectations anymore.

You have to learn as you go along. It's not about revolution, but evolution.

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