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6th edition  - The Master in Jewelry Design teaches students how to build their own professional identity: the modules dealing with methodology, communication and branding, as well as all the other courses, help to develop a personal vision of jewelry.

The course is aimed at strengthening students’ autonomy in the relevant fields, moulding them into professionals capable of leading a design project, thanks to the acquired know-how and technical tools, managing all its complexities and using a both creative and professional approach. They also become able to design collections of high jewelry, fine jewelry or precious watches.

Based on Italian Design features such as curiosity, initiative and will of improvement, the study plan takes an in-depth look into the various aspects of creativity within the world of jewelry.

Partner companies of the Master course are Bulgari, Casato Gioielli, Galleria Antonella Villanova.

  • Start date
    January 2020
  • Duration
    1 year
  • Attendance
  • Language

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Target - The Master course is aimed at graduates in Jewelry Design or Designers working in the field who need to develop their know-how using contemporary approaches in research and design. A good knowledge of both 3D design software and the main techniques used for graphic representation are requested.

Methodology and structure – Approach is experiential: the Master in Jewelry Design provides the fundamental skills to attend specific workshops and labs and manage effective projects, both case studies and real companies’ briefs.

The Master course is conceived to offer a particularly wide training in the jewelry field. The path begins with a methodological course for the development of creativity in Jewelry Design. The specific drawing techniques are deepened and the jewelry techniques are tested in a real goldsmith’s workshop.
The theoretical part of the course, which is necessary to ensure that all students have the same basic knowledge, is then followed by thematic design courses, where theory and practice are constantly combined.

The High Jewelry course and the Gemology courses guarantee the in-depth study of the most important themes of the Fine Jewelry. The Master Course broadens the individual training with the Watch Design Workshop, Jewelry and Series Production and 3D Advanced course, investigating the subject of product reproducibility, both in jewelry and in the related fields of the luxury industry.

The educational training is completed by the Communication and Branding,Visual Communication and Packaging courses: these courses allow participants to deal with the whole design process, from the identity of the brand up to the presentation on the market and sales.

The seniority and experience of the lecturers, who are all professionals, ensure an educational path through which students can delve deep into the different disciplines and working methods used in jewelry making.

The Master course ends with an individual Final Project. The project is an opportunity to express all the creativity and techniques acquired, a concrete tool for a professional presentation and also an effective starting point for individual entrepreneurial initiatives.

  • Theoretical Area

    • History of Jewelry Design

      The history of jewelry is taken on by examining the historical contexts and the resources that were available in each era in terms of a project’s ideation, expression and creation. The course is structured with detailed studies and interesting facts about single events, with the aim of providing a comprehensive historical summary that includes the current trends within the world of jewelry.

    • Design Methodology

      The module is divided into two workshop sessions: Sketching and Rendering and the Laboratory. The general purpose is to create a piece of handmade jewelry and to learn about the various ways of shaping materials: the first session offers the possibility to learn how to represent in a professional way the stylistic idea, while the second one provides the technical competences of construction.

  • Focus Area

    • Advanced 3D Jewelry Course

      The course starts from the representation of jewelry through sketching, and graphic rendering using gouache and watercolour on various surface materials, and proceeds with the advanced tools for digital rendering. The parametric programmes and plug-ins are essential for developing a professional and detailed design for a piece of jewelry, including the technical details necessary for producing high products.

    • Gemology

      The course provides a complete knowledge of the proper use of stones in jewelry. It analyses the qualitative aspects and the natural and aesthetic characteristics of precious and semi-precious materials and hard stones. A special focus is also given to the large variety of colours, their clarity, and the various types of cut, without neglecting to examine all the aspects related to cost, availability, and commercial uses.

    • Workshop High Jewelry Design with Gems

      During this workshop, the most valuable spheres of jewelry making are put into practice, with particular focus on the use of precious stones together with new technologies.

    • Workshop in Watch Design

      This workshop provides students with an insight into the technical and mechanical features of the parts composing watches, starting with looking at their movement. The course then looks into the different types of watches and their designs, from both an aesthetic and functional point of view, according to each specific product. The structure of the programme allows students to achieve a high level of design expertise.

    • Industrial Design Jewelry and Series Production

      Students learn to analyse the different creative possibilities offered by the many kinds of transformations and developments that a piece of jewelry can undergo. They design in a variety of contexts, thanks to the use of the most advanced digital techniques of prototypes, masters and moulds 3D designing and modelling and to the necessary research on large-scale product manufacturing.

    • Communication and Branding

      After carrying out an initial analysis of the market, students examine the marketing approaches used by jewelry brands. They study the difference between historical brands and startups and approach a marketing mix strategy, with the aim of enhancing the definition of a brand’s vision and mission. 

    • Packaging and Windows

      The course explains how to display and sell products: from the analysis of the target till the packaging, display and windows design. 

    • Visual and Project Communication

      The course focuses on graphic design in terms of composition, branding, typography, and organising information.

    • Visits and Exhibitions

      Visits to DOMVS Bulgari in Rome, Galleria Antonella Villanova in Florence, Vicenzaoro in Vicenza. All through the year, students visit some of the most important and inspiring museums in Rome, in order to see the collections of historic pieces of jewelry.

    • Final Project

      The topic is different every year and typically consists in the creation of an articulated project for a company within the goldsmith industry. It’s an individual project that acts as a synthesis of the course and it represents a key step for progressing on to work within the world of jewelry. Students may also develop a personal research project, and present it together with the project they worked on with a company.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Luca Bartoleschi - Course Coordinator

Luca Bartoleschi - Course Coordinator
Jewelry Designer. He has been working for Bulgari Group for more than 20 years, initially as Designer, then in 1995 he became Manager and later Director of Bulgari Design Centre. In this role, he directed the activities of conception and design of the Group’s jewelry and watchmaking lines, coordinating the team of Interior Designers and external Consultants. He worked as Style Consultant for Chimento Oro brand. Since 2009 he has been carrying out an independent activity of jewelry consultancy, design and production for companies and private customers.

Pietro Bartoleschi

Pietro Bartoleschi
Graphic Designer since 1988. His work included international collaborations at New York, Los Angeles, Cancun, Damasco, Kathmandu and Nouakchott. He is currently focused on communication advice and graphic design for FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations).

Flavio Butini

Flavio Butini
Graduated in Communication Sciences in 2001, he has cooperated with Damiani as a Gemological Trainer for the sales staff. He earned the Gemmologist Diploma at the International Gemological Institute in Antwerp and the Gemmology Diplomaat the GEM-A in London. Since 2006 he has been dealing with gemological testing at the IGN – Istituto Gemmologico Nazionale based in Rome, where he is also an instructor for the International Gemological Institute at Antwerp.

Alessandro Gabriele

Alessandro Gabriele
Event Planner. He is Founder of Concept, a design studio focused on communication, events and architecture. The studio is in charge of managing the image of important companies of jewelry and luxury, dealing mainly with communication and visual merchandising. Studio Concept collaborated with Crivelli Gioielli, Rodney Rayner, Desiree - Maria Gaspari for Kids.

Sara Gulinelli

Sara Gulinelli
Jewelry Designer. She worked in various companies in the jewelry industry, including K di Kuore and Alessandro Fanfani Gioielli. Since 2010 she’s been working as Designer for Casato, the jewelry brand known for the elegant femininity of its collections.

Paolo Mangano

Paolo Mangano
Graduated at the Italian Gemological Institute, he opens his own laboratory in Rome where he works for his jewels collection and other different brands in Rome, Milan, Rio de Janeiro and Bahamas: Giorgio Vigna, Hedy Martinelli, Lucia Odescalchi, Pasquale Santoro, Stefania Miscetti Gallery, Campana Brothers, Enzo Cucchi, Paolo Canevari, Astengo De Lama, Barbara Abate Russo and Paola Spinetti.

Giuseppe Massoni

Giuseppe Massoni
Industrial Designer. International representative for the jewelry sector at Robert McNeel &Ass. Co-owner and Product Manager at Massoni Jewelry.

Susanna Milani

Susanna Milani
After graduation in Jewelry Design at IED Roma, she immediately became part of the creative team of Bulgari Style Office, contributing to the design of the collections of jeweler and fine jewelry. Subsequently, she decided to pursue an independent consulting activity for private clients and companies, planning and supervising the production phases.

Anna Neri

Anna Neri
Founder and CEO of the jewelry brand Anna e Alex. In 2006 she left the job as International Marketing Manager at Bulgari for nurturing her talent as Independent Designer. After her graduation in Business Administration at the University of Southern California, she pursued a MA in International Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh. Together with Alessandra Sales, she is the Coordinator of the Master course in Comunicazione e Marketing per la Moda at IED Roma.  

Rita Sassu

Rita Sassu
Researcher and Professor of Classical Archaeology, member of the editorial board of several academic journals and author of more than eighty publications concerning archaeology, ancient economic history and cultural heritage. Since 2009, she works in the Italian Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities, dealing with European Programmes related to culture, integration and citizenship.

Luca Giampaoli

Luca Giampaoli
Sculptor, Master Engraver and Painter. Graduated as mint engraver. He is an expert in metal making, engraving, artistic foundry, repusse, projecting and developing many different kind of metal object from the hand made to the 3D modelling. He has collaborated with Italian and international artists, and as Master Metal Maker he crates costumes and stage setting objects for movie and theater: Last Emperor by B. Bertolucci, Troy, Gangs of NY, Rome, John Carter of Mars, Eragon, Game of Thrones and many others. He also collaborates for brands such as Fendi, Gucci, Trussardi and Valentino, making fashion metal accessories.

Giorgio von Moos

Giorgio von Moos
Stone cutter, founder of his own Atelier located in a 18th century building in the very heart of Rome. While traveling around Europe to pursue his passion for fashion and acting, he started carving ivory, ebony and coral, finding out his true love for the job. He started collaborating with Bvlgari in the late 80s, creating unique pieces and becoming the reference person for the company when it comes to cutting precious stones for high jewelry. He’s currently continuing his research on antique techniques of stone carving.