Interior Design and Conceptualisation



Start date

October 2024




On campus


3 Months


15 IED

Course Coordination

José Manuel Fernández



Find out how to design an interior space that meets the user’s needs, developing experiences with a focus on wellbeing, inclusion and sustainability.

This Specialization Course in Contemporary Interior Design includes projects in domestic, catering and commercial environments, and also a hotel space workshop.

You’ll find out how to design a space that relates to the needs of the person using it, learn about the demands of the current market, and study interdisciplinary tools such as marketing, branding, and how the human brain works.

To finish the course you’ll put everything you’ve learned into practice in a final exercise, consolidating the resources you’ve acquired to make your mark in this contemporary field.


Information to decide

In this course, we’ll encourage you to give free rein to your creative talent using reflection and the most effective forecasting tools in the field of contemporary interior design.

The course covers three specific areas of design: Design Basics and Strategy, Representation Tools, the Spatial Workshop. Each of these components is broken down into specific or interdisciplinary subjects to give you a comprehensive understanding of contemporary design.

The course includes two projects in which you’ll put your newfound knowledge into practice to consolidate your skills.

This course is especially for people who want to take their first steps or acquire more in-depth knowledge of the tools and concepts used to design contemporary interior spaces.

It’s also for professionals working in the design sector (architects, industrial designers, graphic designers, interior designers) who want more in-depth knowledge of the methods and tools used in the creative process, and the most effective way to use them to design different interiors.

This course covers the most creative aspect of design, focusing on the concept and also the more practical side, such as regulations and how to meet them, lighting, water and gas solutions in interior spaces, to give you a comprehensive picture of the professional world in a variety of different scenarios.

You’ll broaden your professional horizons to offer services in a wide range of hospitality settings such as restaurants, shops and hotels.

If you’re looking for a creative and contemporary learning experience in a multicultural, international environment under the guidance of experienced professionals working in the sector, this IED Barcelona course in exactly what you’re looking for.


The course is divided into three fundamental components made up of specific subjects. The main components are: Design Basics and Strategy, in which we’ll study the main concepts and inclusion; Representation Tools to communicate and express your ideas; the Spatial Workshop to develop your projects.


Spatial analysis

Design for all

The creative process

Brand management

User experience

Space planning



Conditioning spaces

Project Management


Graphical representation

Shape analysis



José Manuel Fernández

Course Coordinator