Interior design for Hotels, Gastronomic and Commercial Spaces



Start date

October 2024




On campus


9 Months


60 IED

Course Coordination

Natali Canas del Pozo

It covers the entire process of designing spaces for hotels, restaurants and retail: from conceiving the idea to planning and communicating the final proposal.

The Master’s Degree in Interior Design for Hotels and Gastronomic and Commercial Spaces offers comprehensive training to deal with all types of projects within the discipline, and focuses on the design of spaces for the hotel, restaurant and commercial sectors. 

At the end of the program, you will be able to conceptualize, develop your designs and propose solutions to specific problems within the hospitality sector. 

From a critical and contemporary perspective, you will research formal, functional and technical aspects, in addition to taking a deeper look at how to communicate proposals through techniques such as rendering, graphic communication and oral presentation to a professional audience or a client.

Your training, led by professionals specialized in the different areas covered by the master's degree, will be complemented with visits to relevant spaces used by the sector, as well as conferences and workshops. In addition, you will undertake various projects based on company briefs, which will allow you to have constant and direct contact with professional reality. 

Information to decide

A booming specialization within interior design to develop real projects in the unique context of Barcelona.

The master's degree is structured into seven blocks, which include a range of subjects and capsules of more specific knowledge: 

  • Projects

  • Project tools

  • Technology

  • Sustainability

  • Management

  • Theory

  • Communication


The design of the program encourages the application of theoretical learning, so that all subjects are put into practice while projects, linked to actual clients, are in progress.  

It also encourages the freedom of ideas and experimentation and is supported by guided excursions in order to become familiar with the architectural and interior design environment of Barcelona and to visit local designer studios.

It is complemented by seminars and workshops given by invited specialists to develop different topics of interest in a practical way and to consolidate the knowledge obtained.

Graduates and graduates in design-related disciplines, preferably in architecture, interior design or industrial design, who want to acquire the necessary tools to handle an interior design project in the hospitality sector, hotels and gastronomic spaces, and in commercial spaces in the context of an increasingly competitive and changing market. 

Candidates will have to submit a CV and a portfolio with their own projects, both from the academic and professional fields

Take a qualitative leap in your career through a specialization that is in growing demand in the world of hospitality and retail, where there is an increasing commitment to aspects such as emotion, technology or sustainability to offer new experiences to customers. 

Taking this master's degree in Barcelona is an added value, since the city offers you a unique context due to its long tradition in design and architecture and its great tourist and cultural attraction. In addition, you will do it at IED Barcelona, one of the best known design training centres nationally and internationally. 

Other differentiating aspects are its strong practical component and its direct connection with the reality of the sector thanks to the development of projects for real clients, its program of visits and activities, and its teaching team made up of prestigious active professionals. 

This training experience will prepare you to add value as a member of interdisciplinary teams in architecture or interior design studios or to undertake your own project.



Project 1: Lobby + hotel public spaces

Project 2: Hotel room

Project 3: Commercial space

Project 4: Restaurant / Bar


Digital tools

Environmental graphics

Lighting technology

Capsules: Regulations and requirements, Trends research, Furniture, Props and Styling. 


Executive Project

Materials and Equipment

Capsule: Acoustics




Studio Management

Site Management

Capsule: Project Management


Spatial Experience Analysis


Graphic Communication

Portfolio and Visual Identity

Capsule: Public speaking



Natali Canas del Pozo

Architect, co-founder and creative director of El Equipo Creativo interior design studio

Course Coordinator

Oliver Franz Schmidt

Architect, Designer and co-founder of El Equipo Creativo interior design studio


Carolina Sayes


Ignasi Bonjoch


Michela Mezzavilla

Architect, Digital Project Manager and Certified Lighting Designer