Interior Design for Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and Commercial Property



Start date

October 2024




On campus


9 Months


60 IED (450 horas)

Course Coordination

José Manuel Fernández

Make the best use of space to create personality, define brand identity, delight users and consolidate customer loyalty.

Spaces that communicate! The Master’s Degree in Interior Design for Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and Commercial Property explains the work that goes into the design of these spaces and why this particular area of design is in greater demand now than ever before. It’s a cross-disciplinary field in which complex elements have to work together to obtain the desired result: to create interior spaces with personality that users who are constantly evolving can relate to and connect with.

As an interior design specialist, you’ll play a key role in creating the relationship between brand and consumer. When you’ve finished your master’s degree, you’ll be skilled in the coordination and management of the tools and resources used in different disciplines: branding, commercial strategy, visual merchandising and new technologies. You’ll also have extensive experience with the themes intrinsic to design: conceptualisation, formalisation, materialisation, illumination, representation and management, among others.

In this master’s degree program you’ll acquire the know-how and strategies you need to improve the skills used in interior design projects, studying aspects such as leadership in innovation processes, creativity, project development and management.

Information to decide

A specialisation in contract design to create interior spaces with a distinct personality that meet the expectations of users who are constantly evolving.

The Master’s Degree in Interior Design for Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and Commercial Property consolidates the theoretical knowledge you’ve acquired as you put it into practice developing projects. 

The IED methodology makes this program  a learning experience characterised by a high degree of cohesion between theoretical studies and hands-on experience, with a focus on viable construction and economic results.

You’ll adopt a work method used in professional applications, and have free rein to experiment with your own ideas and write a hypothesis for your master’s thesis. Throughout the program you’ll be collaborating with major names in the commercial and catering sectors, to put what you’ve learnt into practice.

The master´s degree program includes several projects, theoretical and research sessions. It’s a gradual learning process that starts with a more conceptual phase and progresses to technical solutions.

This master's degree is for those who want to develop their knowledge of contract interior design (hospitality industry, retail, offices).

The program is an excellent choice for Architecture and Interior Design graduates who want to acquire more in-depth knowledge of the field. It’s also ideal for specialists in other fields of design (industrial designers, graphic designers, etc.) who want to work in the world of interior design.

The Master’s Degree in Interior Design for Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and Commercial Property is a practice-based program taught by professionals in the sector adopting a learning method that puts you in close touch with the professional world. This gives you the resources you need to complete your CV and create a very competitive profile to present to major interior design studios.

This specialisation in interior design highlights the direct relationship between the contract space and the brand, it also covers the interdisciplinary aspects of design (lighting, materiality, project method, sustainability, etc.). Therefore, you’ll acquire the know-how, skills and techniques used in areas such as marketing, branding, visual merchandising, customer experience, and more.

You’ll study in a city that’s paving the way as an example of urban, economic and social transformation through design, increasing the demand for professionals in this specialisation. 


What will you learn?

The course is focused on acquiring hands-on experience. In each of the blocks you’ll combine theory with practice to acquire a full understanding of the tricks of the trade used to develop each different type of space. You’ll also develop your work in two creative workshops.


Fundamentals, research and management
The creative process, project method and Storytelling
The history of interior design and future trends
Sustainability and accessibility
Project management, construction and installations
Strategy and technology
User experience
Brand management
Technology and space online
Visual Merchandising
Representation and communication tools
Graphical representation and communication
3D representation and multimedia tools
Oral expression, portfolio and social networks
Spatial workshop
Retail space, hospitality space, workspace and restaurant space


Jose Manuel Fernández

Course Coordinator

Natalia Zubizarreta


Borja Vildósola


Loinaz Errezola


Daniela Viloria


Sonia Angulo


Eneko Egaña


Cristina Hernández Bernardo


Amaia Díaz


Jokin	Astorkia

Jokin Astorkia


Borja Legarda