Interior Decoration and Styling



Start date

January 2025




On campus


3 Months


15 IED

Course Coordination

Jose Manuel Fernández



Explore the basics of the profession, the materials used and latest trends; participate in creative workshops, develop a final project and put everything you’ve learned into practice.

In this Specialization Course in Interior Decoration and Styling you’ll study the basic tools used in the sector and develop your critical skills and capacity for reflection, creating personal, work or social spaces.

During the 3-month course you’ll learn the key concepts of designing harmonious space, such as how to combine textures and materials, colour relationships, and the latest trends, to create a place that meets a contemporary individual’s unique living requirements.

You’ll do so while taking into consideration the many, complex relationships involved, the individual, society as a whole, and the interior space in which these relationships evolve.

Information to decide

This is a course that takes a look at the creative process involved in interior design from a perspective focused on people and their relationship with the environment.


This course in Interior Styling and Decoration shows you exactly what’s involved in the various areas of forecasting: the creative process, the tools used to develop a project, how to use materials and understand trends.


It includes three different blocks to give you a comprehensive idea of a contemporary interior design specialist’s work:

  • The basics and tools
  • Materials and trends
  • Creative spatial workshops

You’ll apply the theory-based knowledge you acquired in the guest speaker sessions to a series of practical exercises as the course progresses to show you exactly what it’s like to work in the sector. The syllabus includes visits to showrooms and renowned retailers in the sector.


As it’s an introductory course, it’s for people interested in taking their first steps in the world of interior styling and decoration, for aspiring professional stylists with the required profile, and anyone who wants more in-depth knowledge on fundamental themes such as composition, products and materials in the fashion styling world.

A CV and cover letter are required for enrolment in this 3-month intensive IED course. The school will evaluate each case on its merits. If some of the admission requirements are not met, the applicant may be called for a personal interview.

This Specialization Course is a great way to take your first steps in this discipline, which, despite the fact we come into contact with decorated spaces and interior styling every day, requires specific know-how and a meticulous study of the techniques involved if you want to master the trade. The field of decoration and spatial styling is closely related to the needs of people, comfort and accessibility. You’ll learn to create, develop and go into every detail; use colour, lighting and spatial composition, and use the most suitable products and materials for a home space project.

And you’ll be doing so on the IED campus in Barcelona, a multicultural, interdisciplinary and innovative city, a point of reference in the world of design, and an endless source of creative inspiration.



Spatial representation

Photography and styling

Light theory

Colour theory

Managing and developing professional projects

Communication and design



Textures and materials

Furniture and accessories

The kitchen

The bathroom

Floral design

Furniture restoration

A visit to showrooms


The User and comfort

Living space 1

Spatial composition

Living space 2


Jose Manuel Fernández

Course Coordinator