Branding and Visual Communication



Start date

October 2024




On campus


9 Months


60 IED (600 Horas)

Become a professional brand designer, outline the concept, develop and launch a full scale brand design to create value and stand out from the crowd.

In this Master’s Degree in Branding and Visual Communication you’ll discover exactly what goes into developing a brand design project, considering also viability, market demands and formal innovation criteria. 

Combining theory and practice, you’ll study the history of art, design and communication, learn to identify, evaluate and channel your client’s needs, and evaluate project feasibility. 

Workshops, conferences, master classes and career guidance during the course give you first-hand experience of the brand design sector.

Information to decide

A course in which you’ll learn the artistic, technical and practical ins and outs of online and offline communication, creating and managing a brand's image.

This master’s degree gives you the critical understanding and strategic outlook you need to provide the best visual solutions, analysing and planning each specific project with meticulous attention to detail. 

The course is an experiential learning incubator: a project-based learning experience based not only on specific course content, but also on a multidisciplinary approach. 

With a global understand of the industry, you’ll consolidate your analytical skills, planning the next steps to take as you implement each phase of the project. 

As you progress during the course you’ll acquire knowledge that transcends the traditional boundaries of brand design, in a work context where flexibility, sector-specific know-how and management skills are essential.

This course is for professionals working in fields such as editorial design, art direction, desktop publishing, web application design, creative directors, graphic designers, and anyone who wants to specialise in branding and visual communication. 

If you want to take your professional experience in advertising, visual identity, web design, web development, digital design or printing and publishing to the next level, this is the course for you.

This course gives you in-depth insight into four fundamental fields of branding: graphic design, strategy, research and project development. It leaves no stone unturned, and takes you through every stage of the brand design process, from the initial concept to creating effective visual communication. 


You’ll acquire a solid foundation in the history of design and advertising with the knowledge you need to use the most effective digital tools. You’ll put this knowledge to good use during professional work experience and finish your course by presenting a final project to put everything you’ve learned into practice.  

The course combines classes on theory with practical sessions in workshops, as well as conferences, master classes and career guidance to give you an extensive, multidisciplinary vision of this professional sector. 


Studying at IED Madrid puts you in a creative environment in which an innovative outlook is inspired by social impact and sustainable living, all essential requisites for contemporary visual arts.



Introduction to visual design and culture

History of design and advertising

Digital tools I



Brand strategy and positioning


Visual identity

Print media and graphic production

Digital media


Management. From brief to production


Digital tools II