Start date

April 2025




On campus


3 Months


15 IED (120 horas)

Course Coordination

Daniela Viloria


€ 3,300

Intensive training on the potential of light in architecture to stand out in a sector of high demand and technical complexity. 

The CSP in Architectural Lighting Design offers you a complete tour of the theory of light and its applications in interior and exterior spaces for private use.    

In three months, you will acquire a deep understanding of the complexities of light in the built environment, approaching from a critical perspective the development of unconventional projects, loaded with meaning and adapted to the challenges of the immediate future.     

Lighting is an aspect with a great impact on the environment, as well as on well-being, health and productivity, which is why this course tries to respond to the great demand for specialists in the subject from different areas of the construction sector.   

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A critical and deep learning of light as a material of tangible design and its expressive potential in the architecture of spaces.   

The program includes theoretical, technical and practical content that is complemented by guided visits to showrooms and lighting factories, as well as academic activities outside the classroom. There are also master classes taught by leading professionals on light in residential, commercial, hotel, work and retail lighting projects.  

Your training will address the fundamentals of lighting engineering, the use of specific tools, such as Dialux EVO for lighting calculation, and the creation of plans, technical sheets, luminaire tables, construction details or lighting control tables.  

You will also delve into the culture of light from the prism of sustainability and health and carry out three practical projects (from concept to construction documentation).   

  Professionals in fields such as architecture, interior or product design, decoration, electrical engineering, landscaping or visual merchandising and window dressing who wish to delve into lighting design for architectural spaces.    

This program responds to the great national and international demand for specialized profiles in a sector of growing importance, great technical complexity and rapid technological evolution.   


At the end of your training, you will be able to apply for lighting designer positions for:   


  • Independent lighting studios  

  • Architecture and interior design studies  

  • Lighting manufacturers  

  • Multi-brand suppliers and distributors  

  • Engineering firms.  

You could also practice in the field of technical advice or as a representative of lighting brands.  

Along with a solid theoretical and technical base (nature of light, physical properties of light and matter, units and magnitudes to measure light, lamps and luminaires or current European regulations), you will learn to use specific and essential software to develop in the area and you will bring your ideas to life in projects with different focuses (one more experimental, another focused on the interior space and a third for exteriors).   

During the three months that the course lasts, you will be in contact with the reality of the sector thanks to workshops, visits and talks, as well as the work shared with other professionals taking the program and the guidance of a teaching team of active experts.   

All of this at the IED Kunsthal Bilbao, an education centre specialized in design, and within the framework of a city where this discipline has been acting as an engine of change for more than two decades.  



Nature of light  

Physical properties of light and matter  

Units and magnitudes to measure light  

Lamps and luminaires  

Regulations in force  


Concept development  

Dialux EVO  

From idea to project  


Light and health  


Public and institutional relations  

Professional development  


Think the light project  

Indoor lighting project  

Outdoor lighting project 


Daniela Viloria

Course Coordinator

José Luis Revuelta


Illari Martínez


Javier Susaeta


Course partner