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January 2023


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1 Year


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Learn how to design memorable hospitality experiences with our Master’s Degree in Brand Design and Management - Food, Wine and Tourism at IED Barcelona and IED Firenze

The Master’s Degree in Brand Design and Management - Food, Wine and Tourism based at IED Firenze and IED Barcelona has a focus on how branding and brand strategies can be applied to the HRC industry. As opposed to products and services, restaurants and hospitality providers as a whole are like ‘living entities’. To some extent, hospitality facilities can be regarded as a theatre scene where human interaction and magic blend together to tell a story.

When creating your brand strategy for a hospitality venue, you need to know how to set it apart from the competition. Your aim is to build up a clear and identifiable style which will work as the key factor driving customer choice. Indeed, your target customers will choose you among other restaurants, hotels, or wineries just because they want to 'hear that story’.

Anyone working in brand development and brand management for the hospitality industry would need to get first-hand experience of the restaurant environment. Your focus should be on how everything is arranged, on how people experience day-to-day activities interacting with the space around them. We will work with you along a path where you will learn how to properly coach your customers. You will take them through the process of designing their own location with a sense of character and experience. Hospitality brand designers must have a Munari-style and Maieutic approach as they work on a variety of co-design projects with all the players involved in the process.

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Learning how to co-create and narrate unforgettable food and hospitality experiences

The Master’s Degree in Brand Design and Management - Food, Wine and Tourism is a combination of conventional training and multidisciplinary perspectives, covering design, art, lifestyle and fashion. 

Traditional classroom teaching methods consisting of face-to-face lectures are complemented by practical training sessions for you to experience hands-on use of the Adobe Suite. We will be visiting restaurants, hotels and other similar businesses in the local area. You will have the opportunity to attend seminars, conferences, events and workshops with experienced professionals from around the world, learning about the best practices that institutions, companies, food and wine related hospitality providers are now developing to deliver excellence for their customers. 

A large part of the programme consists of working on design projects for some of IED partner companies, as they entrust students with solving real-world briefs. With this practical approach, you will be plunged right away into the world of work, engaging interactively with professionals, companies and the main brands currently shaping the restaurant, winery and hospitality markets.

The Master’s Degree in Brand Design and Management - Food, Wine and Tourism is for students with undergraduate degrees in marketing, communications, management, economics, service and product design, tourism and branding and any related disciplines. It is also for anyone with interest and a few years of experience in the area of tourism, food and wine. 

If you choose this course, you should feel motivated to acquire the tools needed for creating brands and working as a brand consultant in the hospitality industry. This course is indeed your best option if you enjoy project design and feel comfortable working in a laboratory setting, where you can get involved and experience a ‘learning by doing’ approach. 

If you have an open mind and want to enjoy some experience rather than just theory-based training, this Master’s Degree will help you connect to your intuitions, giving them shape and translating them into real projects.

You will learn how to practise relevant skills to cover strategic roles with companies in the tourism, food and wine industry. Upon completion, you will be able to build formats/services as a Communication Expert in the hospitality, food and wine sectors.

Covering everything from branding techniques to service design, this Master’s Degree is designed to help you develop your skills as a future Brand Designer in the HRC, food, wine and lifestyle industries. Specifically, this Master’s Degree will cover hospitality and tourism service design across both phases in Florence and Barcelona. 

This work will be completed with a vertical exploration of the wine sector while studying in Florence, and with an in-depth analysis of food and services when in Barcelona.

However, what really makes the Master’s Degree in Brand Design and Management - Food, Wine and Tourism a unique learning experience is its hands-on approach. On this track, you start designing right away with a professional approach as you build step-by-step a set of project skills that will prove invaluable in the world of work.

Working with different solutions for each project, this Master’s Degree provides a flexible approach to learning and knowledge building, with students progressing as they go through tests and analysis of their own mistakes. Experience with project work -with a focus on practice-oriented creative thinking- will also help you engage with your colleagues as part of cross-functional teams, bringing out everyone's strengths and potential areas for improvement. 


Study programme

The Master’s Degree in Brand Design and Management - Food, Wine and Tourism consists of 11 months of training split between IED Firenze and Barcelona.

On the first part of the course, held in Florence, we will be focusing on how to manage all the steps involved in brand creation, starting with content analysis. We will explore relationships between tourism, food and wine, brands, guests and customers, as you develop key brand design skills that can be applied to many different hospitality contexts. 

In part two, which will be held in Barcelona, we will look at how to create a service design project using a design approach. 
Upon completion of the course, you will be able to create a complex food design experience that can actually be implemented as a branding strategy. 


Ilaria Legato

Course Coordinator

Andrea Tommasini

CEO and Founder of Soul To Soul

Lorenzo Sciadini

Consultant Marketing

Claudia Gelosa

Lecturer and Professor

Giulia Rossi


Cinzia Spatafora

Hospitality Manager

Manuela Gabbai

Marketing Consultant