Start date

October 2024




On campus


9 Months


60 IED (600 Horas)

Course Coordination

Diego Iglesias - Hyper Studio

Discover how to develop the concept, consolidate the structure and create your own collection in this full-immersion program in digital fashion.

New technologies are changing the way we conceive, produce, distribute, communicate and consume fashion.  

The phygital transformation of the fashion industry has introduced new needs such as personalisation, efficiency and sustainability. In this Master's Degree in Digital Fashion you’ll acquire the skills and techniques to meet those needs in a creative way. 

This program leaves no stone unturned: you’ll study everything that goes into creating a digital fashion collection, from the initial concept to the end user’s expectations. 

You’ll master the art of pattern making and digital fashion modelling, and the latest 3D tools for creating video games, virtual catwalks and collections. We’ll take a close look at user experience, marketing and user platforms, and see how communication strategies can be used for brand positioning.

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A multidisciplinary, practice-based master's degree that combines art and technology to lead the way in this new field of fashion.

The syllabus is based on a multidisciplinary approach that puts you in direct contact with people working in the sector and students studying other disciplines, to constantly exchange ideas with others working and studying in similar fields. 

It gives you a global understand of the digital fashion sector: you’ll consolidate your analytical skills, planning the next steps to take as you implement each phase of the project.

You’ll put theory into practice using the most effective technological tools to work on your projects. What’s more, the program includes a series of master classes to lay solid foundations for building new concept projects.

This master's degree is for professional fashion designers of the future and digital creators who want to specialise in fashion. 

If you want to create new ways to interpret fashion, work with people paving the way in other disciplines, and play a role in the digital revolution, this is the program for you.

A groundbreaking program at the forefront of the fashion transformation process that gives you a comprehensive understanding of this new field.

You’ll study the historical, ethical and socio-cultural aspects of digital fashion, master 3D technology and specific design programs, conceptualise, structure and create your own collection. You’ll also design the virtual space/time of your creations and the avatars wearing them. 

Studying your master's degree in Madrid puts you right where the action is, in a city that’s a virtual hotbed of creative talent and innovation in the European fashion industry. Expand your creative universe at one of the best design schools in the world. Learn from the past, work in the present, anticipate the future of the environmental, social and economic transformation in the modern fashion world.


**Syllabus subject to change**


Digital Fashion

Virtual Universe

Extended Realities


Clo 3D

Adobe Substance

Daz 3D

Blender + Mixamo



Clo 3D + Adobe Substance + Daz 3D

Blender + Mixamo + Postproduction

Unity + Spark AR + Lens Studio


Gravity Sketch

Avatars and digital identities

Sound Space


Digital Couture

Phygital experience

UX, ecommerce & metaverse



Diego Iglesias - Hyper Studio

Cultural manager and co-founder of Hyper Studio together with the developer Cristóbal Baños.

Course Leader

Diego Gómez García

3D Designer and Digital artist


Andrea Muniáin


Course partner