Brand Design and Management: Food, Wine and Tourism

Master Courses - Florence

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4th edition - What does it mean to create and manage a brand in the food industry? How to market a wine company and work on its identity? How to integrate tourism in all of that?

From branding techniques to service design, the goal of the Master course in Brand Design and Management: food, wine and tourism is to help students and young professionals to develop their skills as future Managers of the horeca industry, integrating food wine and tourism into lifestyle offers.

The course, held in Florence and Barcelona, provides transversal skills in service design applied to hospitality and tourism, with a specific focus on food in Barcelona and a vertical exploration of the wine sector in Florence.

Catalunya and Tuscany built their branding strategies on the territoriality value as a key for global distinctiveness. Thanks to this Master, students have the possibility to experiment the different branding and project management methodologies that two of the most important touristic destinations in Europe successfully use.

  • Start date
    February 2020
  • Duration
    11 Months
  • Attendance
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Target - This Master is aimed at students and young professionals willing to develop a strategic, creative and managing approach to their passion for food, wine or tourism.

Professional Opportunities - The goal of this Master is to implement and strengthen the skills required to take on strategic roles in tourism, food and wine based brands. The Master is also designed to train professionals in the construction and management of formats/services in hospitality, as well as communication experts in Food & Wine sector.

Methodology and structure – This Master mixes up conventional and up-to-date learning materials and methods with an interdisciplinary vision that means interaction with design topics, arts, lifestyle and fashion, to really create a different and valuable point of view.

Classes are combined with seminars, conferences and workshops held by international and world famous specialists. Visits to local realities and the participation to events of the industry are included in the study plan to show students the best practices of institutions, companies and brands related to tourism, food and wine.

The classes teach how to manage the different steps of brand creation, starting from the analysis of the contents. Tourism, food and wine industries are based on a relation among brand, hosts and guests. Participants gain expertise in the fields of brand and management for a wide range of different contexts.

Students follow the whole process of a service design project using design methods and applying them in the construction of a complex food design experience as a branding strategy.

Classes are held during the daily hours in Florence, while in Barcelona students attend evening classes.

The approach kept during the whole pathway is extremely practice and students are equipped with the Adobe Suite and WGSN and Material Connexion tools, so that they can exercise also individually.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Ilaria Legato - Course coordinator

Ilaria Legato - Course coordinator
Communication Designer in the HORECA sector (hotel - restaurant - catering - cafè), she works on brand care and communication projects for food and design. She’s course Coordinator for the Bachelor in Communication Design - IED Roma.

Steffen Becker - Course Coordinator

Steffen Becker - Course Coordinator
Putting people into the center of the innovation process is a continuous thread in Steffen's career as a designer, consultant, and social entrepreneur. A trained product and interaction designer, Steffen helps private and public organizations around the world to achieve their strategic innovation goals. As a designer, he builds on his research skills to design services with a compelling user experience. Steffen studied at the renowned Art Center College of Design, Pasadena (USA) and the Design Academy Eindhoven (Netherlands).

Luca Scarlini

Luca Scarlini
Writer, Essayist, Performance Artist. Teacher at Holden School, IED and Venice University. He worked with many theatres and dance companies, included Societas Raffaello Sanzio, Fanny & Alexander, Motus. He is the voice of the radio program Museo Nazionale, Radio 3 Rome and wrote many books about art, loss, thefts and history among which Il Caravaggio rubato, Siviero contro Hitler, Vita di un’opera d’arte: La Marchesa Casati and Ziggy Stardust: la vera natura dei sogni.

Andrea Tommasini

Andrea Tommasini
President, CEO and Founder of Soul To Soul, a tour operator built on over 25 years of working experience in tourism and communication, a trade mark of Lucky Time Group. The idea behind this business is the development of a new perception of tourism based on personal experiences and valorization of the five senses.

Lorenzo Sciadini

Lorenzo Sciadini
Consultant, Teacher and Personal Coach. He has been leading for 10 years a consultancy agency based on the idea that marketing is the most relevant discipline in the society’s development. He worked for various banks and international brands. Contributor for marketing magazines. He founded MarketingCamp, a project that celebrates a new marketing era. Personal website

Giuseppe Castelli

Giuseppe Castelli
Every product can potentially be a brand. That is the premise for the everyday work of Giuseppe Castelli, Advertising Creative Director and Consultant. In the food & beverage sector he worked for clients such as Auchan, Caffarel, Cinzano, De Cecco, Ferrarelle, Ferrero Industria Dolciaria, Garofalo, martini & Rossi, Nabisco and Warsteiner.

Ivano Bencini

Ivano Bencini
After 39 years of working experience in the hotel sector in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, he directed Starhotels spa, Domina Hotels & Resorts, Cosmohotels, Concerto Fine Italian Hotels and Polihotels among others. Specialized in every area of contemporary hospitality: sales & marketing, operations, food & beverage, H.R., engeeniring, purchasing, I.C.T., management & business analysis e distribution.

Paolo Barichella

Paolo Barichella
Food Designer, after studies in food technology and sensory perception, he moved his work from materials performances for engineer to food design, aiming at giving food the best form and functions for the human needs. He contributed in contents and theory to the transformation of the Industrial Designer’s role into the Food Designer. Founder of Food Design Committee in ADI; Scientific Director of Food Design magazine and Founder of the Food Design Community.

Claudia Gelosa

Claudia Gelosa
Claudia is specialized in Marketing and Communication, having developed her skills as the Advertisement and Communication Director for several national and international brands in the fashion, sportswear and accessories field. Since 2003 she is actively involved in the Archea Associates Architecture where she became Press Release and Event Coordinator until 2005. Currently Claudia follows several press release projects for design studios, fashion and architecture brands.

Gian Arturo Rota

Gian Arturo Rota
During his studies in humanities, Gian Arturo met Luigi Veronelli, father of the modern Italian food and wine culture, and started collaborating with him: they have been working together for 20 years. Specialized in food communication, publishing and critics, he wrote the book Luigi Veronelli – Life is too short for bad wines Giunti/Slow Food Editore with Nichi Stefi and cured the exhibition Luigi Veronelli – walking the earth.

  • Syllabus

    • Marketing - Florence

      The first part of the Master offers the possibility to know how some economic models - through which it is possible to understand the culture value - work. Systematically dealing with the single
      specific marketing tools, the potential of the culture as economic development asset will be shown.


    • Brand Communication - Florence

      It deals with the potential offered by the new communication technologies in order to develop social marketing campaigns 2.0 through specific communication and advertising tools according to the crossmedia principles.

    • Events & PR: Food, Wine and Tourism - Florence

      This section of the program focuses on the communication chain analysing in detail events types and the role of press offices, PR, photographer and other roles involved. The module is comprised of the following units: Advertising Strategies, writing and press office, Graphic tools, Trade Fairs management, trend forecasting and Viral and digital Strategies

    • Design Thinking and Project Management - Barcelona

      The focus of this section is to learn different techniques and methodologies of Design Thinking applied to specific topics in services related to tourism, food and wine field. The aim is to explore the themes of design and management and how they work together. Focus on participants to employ lateral thinking (“thinking outside the box”) in approaching projects and problems.

    • Service Design - Barcelona

      In this section students acquire and refine all the necessary capacities to successfully conceptualize a hotel or restaurant as well as design the “services” required for each type of activity. Much attention is given to the study and use of the “Barcelona design system” for final project proposals.

    • Final Project

      Development of a final project in line with the course contents, typically involves the creation of an articulated project for a company. The final project can be developed individually or within a small group and generally recreates the relationship between commissioner and consulting studio. The goal of the final work is to be a transition from the study path to professional career. Past final work examples include the branding and marketing campaign analysis for a company or business, or the launch of a brand’s product in a new market, a communication campaign analysis, production process innovation, social media strategies and the complete development of an event.