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Summer and Winter Courses - Florence

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The course in Graphic Design and Portfolio offers you the possibility to challenge yourself with a creative programme that combines traditional lectures and project work to approach the basic tools and techniques of graphic and visual design. 

Through lectures, case studies, labs and site visits, you will enhance your theoretical knowledge and technical skills, in order to complete a creative portfolio, developed during this three-week experience.

  • Start date
    July 2022
  • Duration
    3 weeks
  • Attendance
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Schedule: This course meets from Monday to Friday on a full time basis (morning and afternoon) the course has a duration of 75 hours spread over 3 weeks.

Target: The course is designed for aspiring designers who wish to acquire the fundamentals of graphic design in an intensive three-week program.This is an introductory course and no previous studies within the field are required. However we suggest students to familiarize themselves with the major themes that will be presented. 

Methodology and structure - This course is meant to provide you with a hands-on introduction to graphic design principles and tools. Through theoretical lessons, the programme covers high-level concepts like layout, typography, and color. You will have the chance to get hands-on, using Illustrator to build a custom logo and practice the vector drawing techniques. Next, the course takes you into Photoshop, where you learn how to creatively adjust and retouch the images you will use in design projects. During the Final Project presentation, together with your fellows you will show the results of the work carried out through the course.

Summer course includes a strategic combination of theoretical lessons, case studies and workshops with industry professionals, as well as site visits to design studios and exhibitions. Site visits are an integral part of the program’s learning experience and are designed to complement what is acquired in the classroom as well as serve as an on-going orientation to the field.

The following topics are discussed during the program: historical background of graphics and design, elements of visual communication, basic design, page layout, font and color, fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, image placement, save and exporting, development and update of a professional portfolio:

Basic Design
The course focuses on the basis of visual communication, giving an historical overview of graphics and communication, elements of semiotics and graphic perception, including the study of colour palette, families of fonts and typography.

VISUAL DESIGN LAB - Photoshop and Illustrator
The aim of this course is to enable you to use the essential graphic design softwares. You will learn how to use the tools necessary for graphic representations on different digital media. From the first steps in the world of vector graphics with the use of Illustrator, the program proceeds with Photoshop and the versatility of photo editing techniques. The learning-by-doing approach and the workshops will facilitate the comparison with your classmates, on various more and more concrete cases.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Marco Innocenti - Course coordinator

Marco Innocenti - Course coordinator
Designer, Illustrator and Art Director, experienced in copywriting and text redactions. Expert in magazine design, editorial design and type design. Expert in touristic and cultural promotion. Photographer. Co-owner of Kidstudio.

Ingrid Lamminpää

Ingrid Lamminpää
Ingrid Lamminpää received her Degree in Architecture in 2005 and continued her academic career in multimedia communication and design, completing her Master Degree a couple of years later. She currently teaches in several institutions in the city of Florence. Her interests are ethics in communication, visual design, digital storytelling and new media communication. Outside of the academy, she is a blogger and works as New Media Strategist for the social research company Sociolab ( She is the screenwriter and executive producer of the video blog and the documentary “Just Say Yes”, a journey through the civil rights. The documentary won the jury and the audience award at the Biografilm Festival 2014.

Federico Cagnucci

Federico Cagnucci
Federico has always used drawing as a tool for reflection and he has a deep interest in typography and image in their varied expressions. Academic studies in visual communications and graphic design have provided him with broad expertise. But it was the guidance of professionals at the international level that helped him gain full awareness, allowing him to respond to the most demanding market. His passion for training led him to teaching, which he currently carries out together with the freelance profession.

Elenca Ronchi

Elenca Ronchi
Architect, founder of studioten with which she carries out architectural design, interior design and installations. Her training took place between Florence, Lisbon and Vilnius. She was editor of Area magazine from 2013 to 2017 and collaborates with Forma Edizioni house. She is an expert in graphic representation, concept communication and interior design. she also carries out teaching and research activities at other foreign universities.