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October 2024


Full time


On campus


3 Years



Course Coordination

Isabella Ahmadzadeh

Transform your passion for drawing into a wellspring of fresh styles and imagery. This encapsulates the essence of the three-year Undergraduate Programme in Illustration at IED Firenze.

At IED Firenze, we envision today's illustrator as a versatile and well-rounded professional, capable of bridging diverse cultural and commercial backgrounds with personal interpretive skills. Like true contemporary reporters of the world, illustrators acquire the ability to immerse themselves in a context and describe it by reacting quickly and effectively to external stimuli.

Our three-year Illustration degree program stands apart offering an international study path, offering both an unique and interdisciplinary educational opportunities. Join us to discover the ultimate means to unleash your creativity. By participating in our program, you'll be exposed to new ideas and learn how to harmonize visual intuition with the timeless art of storytelling. This powerful combination will enable you to craft groundbreaking, digital, and interactive projects that push the boundaries of creativity and engagement. Embrace the possibilities and embark on a journey of artistic exploration and technological innovation with us.

Throughout these three years, you'll acquire the art of communicating ideas and honing your distinctive style. Equipped with all the necessary tools, you'll lay the groundwork for a fulfilling career and find your niche in the realm of creative visual production, both on a national and international level. I'll become a  high-level professional with considerable authorial expertise, technical and expressive competence, and a careful ability to interpret and manage the visual aspects of communication.

The Course is subject to authorisation by MUR for A.Y. 2024/25

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This degree program is perfectly suited for those eager to explore and unlock the creative potential of drawing and visual communication, for students with the goal of evoking wonder.

The three-year degree program in Illustration at IED Firenze employs a comprehensive approach to learning, focusing on the development of cultural, analytical, technical, and technological skills. These skills are then applied to specific projects, often involving collaboration with partners from various agencies, companies, and institutions. This comprehensive training accelerates your readiness to step into the professional world with confidence and proficiency.

During the course of the program, you will have the unique chance to delve into a diverse array of disciplines, all of which play a crucial role in fostering your storytelling and illustration skills. We place a strong emphasis on building a solid cultural foundation to enrich your creative journey. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to encompass a rich variety of subjects, including art history, sociology, and semiotics. By studying these disciplines, you'll gain valuable insights into the historical, social, and symbolic contexts that shape the world of art and communication.

The three-year structure is designed to facilitate a gradual progression of design and expressive skills, guiding students to eventually work independently on complete projects. Simultaneously, emphasis is placed on honing presentation and communication abilities, essential qualities for success in the creative industry. Notably, you will have the chance to compile a personal portfolio showcasing all the projects undertaken during your studies, further enhancing your professional profile and prospects.

Over the span of three years, the program is structured to foster the gradual development of your design and expressive abilities. Each step of the journey builds upon the previous one, guiding you towards the point where you can confidently take charge of an entire project independently.

An exciting aspect of this journey is the chance to create a personal portfolio. This portfolio will showcase all the projects you have undertaken during your studies. It becomes a testament to your growth as an illustrator, a testament to your creative journey, and a valuable asset as you step into the professional world. It provides a tangible representation of your skills and accomplishments, giving potential employers or clients insight into your artistic capabilities and potential.

The three-year program in Illustration at IED Firenze stands out as the premier choice for individuals seeking to express and cultivate their distinctive artistic style, while simultaneously exploring the boundless potential of visual communication.

If you possess a passion for drawing and are eager to channel it in a powerful and creative manner, this program is tailor-made for you.

If you look to gain a broad knowledge of Illustration and want to work in such areas as publishing, commercial and cultural communication, scientific publications, illustration applied to fashion, interior and product design, this programme is definitely your best option. You will develop a multidisciplinary approach useful for a career where you can explore all the creative and expressive potential of still and moving images. You will also learn how visual language and animation can work together.

The three-year Illustration program at IED Firenze stands out for its innovative and cross-cutting approach. We view each discipline as a dynamic blend of structured foundations and evolving concepts. Illustration, in particular, is considered an applied art with the capacity to seamlessly interact with physical and digital spaces, objects, and various media. This versatility allows it to thrive in diverse commercial and cultural environments, fostering dynamic interactions within the realms of communication and graphics.

The programme offers you the invaluable opportunity to gain practical experience through hands-on projects in collaboration with agencies, companies, and local institutions. This early exposure to real-world projects will not only enrich your portfolio but also open doors to a rapidly growing job market with diverse opportunities.

Upon completing the program, you'll be equipped to pursue various career paths within the creative industry. As an Illustrator, you'll have the skills to produce captivating artwork for traditional print media as well as digital platforms, including web, comics, and advertising. Your expertise will be in high demand, as the demand for visual content continues to surge across different channels.

Our approach strikes a harmonious balance between theory and practice, allowing you to immerse yourself in diverse application areas of Illustration. This includes exploring the realms of expressive, communicative, informational, and decorative illustration. Throughout the program, you'll engage in a wide range of projects.

This comprehensive training will empower you to embrace the dynamic world of illustration, equipped with a versatile skill set and the confidence to excel in a variety of creative ventures. As you progress through our program, you'll develop a rich portfolio of work, showcasing your adaptability and creativity, setting you on a path towards a successful and rewarding career in the ever-evolving field of illustration.

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

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First Year

History of contemporary art
History of drawing and artistic design 
Iconography and anatomic drawing
Perception theory and the psychology of form
Drawing for painting 
Digital animation techniques
Computer graphic
Arts semiotics 

Second Year

Elements of morphology and figure dynamics
Drawing for painting
Digital animation techniques
Computer graphic
Phenomenology of contemporary arts 
Sociology of communication 
History of cinema and video 
Fundamentals of video production

Third Year

Drawing for painting
Phenomenology of the mass media
Integrated media techniques 
Multimedia Design
Graphic Design 


Talia Zoref

Artist and Fashion Illustrator


Isabella Ahmadzadeh

Art Director and Visual Designer

Course Coordinator