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October 2024


Full time


On campus


2 Years



Course Coordination

Franco Achilli

In a global context of increasing complexity, in which visual communication is central, it is urgent and necessary to build effective narratives.  

Designers who design them must be aware of this complexity, the implications and impacts of their work; they must also be able to read in depth and critically the phenomena and messages to be communicated, consciously moving in the various areas in which they are elaborated and understanding the social and cultural contexts in which those messages will be placed.   

The visual designer is today the protagonist of a profound transformation: due to the overwhelming impact of new technologies, this figure is atomizing and reconstituting in new molecules from the diverse aggregation: the challenge is to consciously accompany this process just as it happens.   

The new Communication Designers will have to be more and more visionary, aware and informed, able to use the technology without suffering the accelerations, but rather helping to understand and guide them. 

The Course is subject to authorisation by MUR for A.Y. 2024/25


Franco Achilli

Architect and designer trained at G&R Associati

Course Leader