14 June 2023

MMT organises Dialoghi Sonori on 15th and 16th of June at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, on this occasion IED presents Fragile Surfaces project.

Fragile Surfaces is an audiovisual performance that explores aesthetic and design issues related to the dissemination of technologies and systems for simulating human behaviour.

The performance is part of the wider collaboration between IED and Artribune Fragile Surface, involving students and Alumni in the design of the magazine's covers. The last cover out at the beginning of July 2023 is being designd by the students of the Visual Arts school of IED Milano who worked on the same themes of the performance.

The multidisciplinary approach has always been at the heart of IED's teaching methodology.
The central themes of contemporaneity such as the blurred boundaries between artistic disciplines, the contamination between Art and Technology, the intersection between Real and Virtual are explored through sound, images and multimedia contents.

In particular, the theme of Artificial Intelligence is investigated and related to the languages of multimedia arts, interpreted and declined in a range of sound and visual compositions performed live, realised by a group of male and female students of the second years of the Sound and Video Design courses at IED Milano.

Lecturers involved: Alberto Ricca, Painè Cuadrelli, Vincenzo Fabiano. 

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