06 October 2020

“The more you create your own identity, the more you won't risk being copied or not winning a competition in a project that suits your skills and passion”.

Andrea Mocellin is the founder at REVOLVE WHEEL and Lead Product Designer at Lilium. He studied Transportation Design in 2007 at IED Torino and graduated with honors before moving to London where he finished his studies.

His experiences have included working as Chief Designer at Granstudio, as Senior Designer at Lilium, NIO, Alfa Romeo / Maserati and as creative designer for Pininfarina, Audi AG, GM forum, Cleto Munari and as interior designer in London. Various projects he worked on had been exhibited during the Beijing and Geneve Motor show, Ever in Monaco, MART in Rovereto and the London Transport museum.

“Meeting design legends like Giugiaro, Pininfarina and Bertone was a dream come true, feeling so close to their brilliant work and vision pushed me to work as hard as I could to get my first job as a Car Designer”, explains about his experience at IED Turin. “During my studies, the most important aspect of my personal growth was starting to work in an international environment, knowing that the world was smaller than I thought”.

Do you want to know more? Check his interview here.


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