03 November 2021

“The importance of craft, dedication and also of learning from what and who surrounds you are fundamental parts”

Giulia Rosetti is a creative and jewelry designer based in Milan. After her studies at IED, she worked with different companies such as Gripoix in Paris, Giampiero Bodino and Marni in Milan. In 2018, she decided to bring his expertise to Fratelli Rosetti, where she is still head of the accessories department. During the pandemic, at 2020, she decided to start her own project. Güiro was born.

Güiro is a hand-made jewelry brand made of colors and emotions to bring joy during the grey times of COVID. Her work has appeared in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, WGSN, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and even Dua Lipa has wore them in the Levitating music video.

“Starting a new business during a pandemic is not an easy, however it is a challenge that I am happy to face, as it brings me so much happiness and satisfaction, and, most importantly, allows me to do what I love the most: create”, tells the jewelry designer to IED Alumni.

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