15 March 2024

IED joins the prestigious Golden Baklava Film Festival’s Jury in Turkey and offers a summer course in Arts Management in Florence

In a celebration of creativity and cinematic brilliance, Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) proudly announced its role as part of the esteemed jury panel at the Baklava Film Festival in Turkey. The festival, a beacon for emerging talents in the world of cinema, attracted an incredible pool of entries, with IED playing an important role in selecting the standout winner from among hundreds of exceptional participants. 

After careful consideration and meticulous assessment, the jury announced the winner of the first prize: a full scholarship for the summer course in Arts Management at IED's Florence campus. This exclusive course promises an immersive experience in the heart of art and culture, providing invaluable insights and practical knowledge in the realm of arts administration and management. 

The winner, Melissa Yavuz, stood out with her short movie entitled Beyond Hundred Years and dedicated to the 100 years of the Turkish Republic. IED look forward in welcoming her in the Florence campus. 

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