27 May 2024

Riccardo Terzo, IED Milano graduate and professor, delivers a fashion lecture in Georgia supported by the Italian Embassy in Tbilisi

In the spirit of a collaboration agreement signed earlier, IED and the Design Institute successfully hosted an enriching event in Tbilisi on May 13th. The occasion was marked by the presence of Massimiliano D’Antuono, the Italian Ambassador to Tbilisi, who delivered opening remarks that underscored the deepening ties between Italy and Georgia and confirmed the Embassy’s support for such initiatives. 

Fabiola Albanese, the Deputy Head of Mission, also participated in the event, which featured a notable lecture by Riccardo Terzo, IED Milano graduate and professor. The lecture, entitled "Fashion and photography: a necessary dialogue," delved into the symbiotic relationship between these fields and highlighted the dual roles of IED’s academic staff as both educators and active professionals in fashion, design, and visual arts.  

This event showcased the fruitful outcomes of the collaboration between IED and the Design Institute, fostering cultural and educational exchanges. 

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