16 July 2021

The ‘Panot XXI’ project, by Viktoriya Omelyanovych, Kenza Cherkaoui and Eva Pradas, students of Bachelor of Arts in Product Design and Interior Design, has won the 33 Habitácola Awards, led by ARQUIN-FAD. The focus this year was ‘The streets of the XXI century‘.

The winning proposal is a collection of clay pavement tiles that serve as a street filter system. The idea consists of three different tiles, each designed for a specific use (pedestrian, car or bicycle), which can absorb water vapour and dust from the air, as well as collect rainwater and debris.

The IED was also represented at the final by project ‘Uplifting the street‘, where students of the Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and in Product Design Yang Jinchuang, Chloe Groch and Shahdan Saleh, proposed a multifunctional and modular structure to bring more life and a sense of belonging to the neighborhoods.

The Habitácola Awards promote reflection and debate on new theoretical frameworks in design and architecture, while recognizing the creative talent behind fresh, innovative proposals, adapted to new social needs.

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