31 March 2023

IED shows off as a protagonist at Design Week 2023, in line with its identity and history

Memory is a library made up of visions and vibes that we can constantly draw on, turning into a storytelling link to the past, present and future times: unlike reminiscence, it generates knowledge, culture, information and moments of reflection.

Starting from these ideas IED chose to present itself, once again, as a protagonist at the Design Week carrying its identity and history.

For over 50 years, IED has been a widespread campus where urban space, digital and real interaction with people and sustainability have always challenged each other to find a balance, a common goal.

Citizens, students and creatives are invited to take advantage of this appointment to give shape and voice to their passions, visions and ideas of ​​the future.

Visit this page and discover all the events of the IED Design Week involving IED and its ideas.

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