18 April 2023

During the month of April, the IED team will travel to Colombia together with Oscar Anibal Pozuelos, strategic designer specialized in innovation and Alumnus of IED Milan and IED Madrid.

During his visit, Oscar Anibal Pozuelos will give a series of workshops and conferences with our allies in Colombia. Along the week of April 20th to 27th, some of the most renowned and outstanding universities in that country that offer programs related to the creative industries sector will be visited.

Likewise, he will give the Conference “How to innovate without dying trying”. Surviving a world in permanent evolution.

Designing products and services that add value to users does not seem obvious at first. Therefore, innovation, research and user experience are essential. This is where Design Thinking as a methodology comes into play. It gives us tools to know the true needs of people and allows us to adapt our products and services to provide real value.
Innovation and design are success factors for new projects and companies. In a changing world we need to adapt, and creativity is our best tool.

During this talk we will address:

  • The process of designing and the importance of creativity.
  • Project knowing the needs of people to add value and succeed in undertaking.
  • Innovation processes through Design Thinking and design to remain competitive.

Oscar A. Pozuelos has extensive experience in the Creative Industries sector and focuses on leading projects that promote economic and social development through creativity, design, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He is the creative director of Impact Entrepreneur, the world's largest global community of change agents dedicated to strengthening the impact ecosystem.

In addition to giving his conference at universities, Oscar will participate as a speaker in the academic agenda of the Bogotá Design Festival
You can participate for free in his conference without registration:

Date: Thursday April 27
Time: 3:30 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. (local time)
Location: Bogotá Chamber of Commerce - 3rd Floor Room
Address: CL 67 #8-32-Chapinero

All those participants who are interested in being part of the IED, will have the opportunity to learn about its academic offer at the Spanish and Italian locations at the IED stand in the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, on the 26th and 27th April between 13:00h. and 18:00h

There will be information available  related to study plans, costs, scholarships, admission requirements, discounts and promotions.

Learn more about Bogotá Design Festival Here.

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