07 February 2023

With its participation, IED wants to contribute bringing design, its language and its scope closer to other colleagues in this discipline, but also to the whole society

Madrid Design Festival, the great annual design event in Madrid, has started its sixth edition under the premise of giving visibility to a discipline that is fundamental for improving people's daily lives and contributing to the recognition of the excellence and transcendence of the work of designers. As the capital's reference teaching center in the field of design, Istituto Europeo di Design will be the official school of this edition, for which it has prepared a complete panel of activities for both professionals and lovers of the design world.

Giusi Lara, Managing Director of IED Madrid, said that "at a time when design is increasing its strength and impact in all aspects and activities of our daily lives, educational institutions such as ours have a mandate of responsibility and commitment with the future that we cannot fail to fulfill. That is why IED is not only attending a new edition of the Madrid Design Festival as a spectator, but we are acting as a part of it, contributing with our vision and bringing design, its language and its scope closer to other colleagues in this discipline, but to the whole society".


Latin American talent, creativity and innovation land at Madrid Design Festival showing its most transformative face. All this will be shown in “IED Latam Creative Talent” within Fiesta Design.

United by a common language and a common passion, IED has created this initiative with the aim of recognising Latin American talent and showcasing the best projects in the sector. To carry out this project, it has forged close links with Latin American organizations such as Lima Design Week and Chio Lecca Fashion School in Peru, the Mario Hernández Award in Colombia, and in Mexico the Mexico Design Week, Design Week Puebla and Querétaro Design Week. This way IED offers the opportunity to present and exhibit in Spain projects by young Latin American designers who have already won awards and prizes in their respective countries; ideas that seek to break through to meet the challenges of the future.

In addition, these projects will be shown together with a selection of proposals made by Latin American IED students who have developed their talent in the Spanish IED schools. In them they devise sustainable solutions, create beauty and promote alternatives from an integrating perspective.

From 15th to 26th February Fiesta Design invites the public to immerse themselves in the experience of design in a different and close way at Institución Libre de Enseñanza (ILE).


On 25th and 26th February Madrid Design Festival and MINI are orgazising Carabanchel Diseña, a weekend in which one of the city's most effervescent neighborhoods becomes the protagonist of design.

On the morning of Saturday 25th, Point II of IED Madrid - Av. de Pedro Díez 3, in the neighborhood of Carabanchel - opens its doors to host the opening event of this event. Two days during which the participating studios and designers will show their work in a series of Open Studio days. An initiative with which the festival and IED Madrid seek to support and disseminate the work of leading designers from all design disciplines and to support new creative voices, new studios and exhibition spaces in the capital that have emerged in this district. People who, with their work, are supporting the growth of the creative industry and the development of the sector.


For the second year IED is organizing a round table together with FORBES during the couse of the professional days of Madrid Design Festival. Under the title "Creativity in the business world" FORBES and IED will bring together leading professionals from the world of business and design to discuss the current scenario in the world of design. In particular they will contribute with their experience and opinion on how design is facing the future, focusing on the figure of the new designer and emerging talents in the transformation teams of companies.

To discuss these ideas IED + FORBES have sought to create a cast of guests from companies of different types and character: Giusi Lara, Managing Director of IED Madrid, Patricia de Pablo, Head of Communications & PR of Scalpers, Rafael Gil, Creative Director of China, Tania Sutherland, Marketing Director of HBO Max, and Juan Martino, Strategy, Culture & Innovation at Wander by Soulsight and alumni of IED Madrid's Degree in Design. The meeting will be moderated by Yolanda Sacristán, Brand Manager of Forbes Women.

Together, they will outline the present and future of the positions held and to be held by designers in business environments; figures that are gradually gaining in presence and importance, and whose work is increasingly indispensable in any company that wants to have a seat in the future.

The event will take place on 16th February at 10 a.m. at Institución Libre de Enseñanza (ILE).


From 8th February to 12th March the Cultural Center Fernando Fernán Gómez is hosting the exhibition "Slow. Slow design for fast change" (“Slow furniture for fast change”), promoted by the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC). This exhibition brings together a selection of works by 17 students from nine design schools in Spain, including IED Madrid and IED Barcelona, with two functional, innovative and workshop-produced proposals.

"Slow furniture for fast change" is a reflection on the forms of production in which the innovative pieces of these emerging designers are exhibited around the concept of slow design. The aim of the exhibition is to make sustainable and lasting design culture visible.

The project "Bondu" by Daniela González, alumni of IED Madrid, together with the proposal "Todo Toca" by Anna Perathoner and Eli Yang, from IED Barcelona, have been selected to represent their respective schools.

"Bondu" is a stool conceived as a piece of furniture that stands out in the space in which it is located.

It is inspired by Japanese craftsmanship and its Chidori method, according to which the work is based on the qualities of the wood itself, articulating the pieces together. As a result all its structural elements are connected to each other without the need for nails, screws or bolts.

"Todo Toca" is a shelf designed on four levels with four panels on each side. On the front the panels have different patterns that invite the user's sensory experience through textures and reliefs, imitating natural shapes and sensations, to offer an immersive sensation. These panels can be rotated independently of each other, giving users the possibility to place their stories and design their experience.

The user transforms the shelf according to their needs and tastes as if it were an extension of themselves. It is an object that looks different every day and brings vitality to interior spaces.

For more than a month Madrid Design Festival will be an opportunity to see, hear, feel, learn and discover design from the past, the present and, above all, the future, which will happen thanks to it.


Several old students of IED Madrid School of Design land at Madrid Design Festival with "Safe Place", an installation in which we attend an active and participatory tour while the visitor navigates through the imaginary of the domestic. A scenography of the house as the urban space that best reflects the ways of living. An installation that refers us to the security of the home and its importance as a unit of urban space that can be walked through, surrounded, touched, act as picture frames... In short, to be enjoyed.

The design is developed in a plural way by the old students of Product Design at IED Madrid Domingo Llorente, Ana Cristina Sánchez, Belén Tenorio, Rodrigo Vega and Carla Zubeldia under the guidance of José Camacho and Beatriz Amann, from the academic team of the design school.

The installation will be located in the vicinity of MITMA. An installation that is developed in collaboration with FINSA, supplier of the panels, which are the raw material and support on which this installation is developed.


Pictures: "Döt", by IED Madrid alumni Daniela Grisel Beizaga (at "IED Latam Creative Talent" exhibition) and "Bondu", by IED Madrid alumni Daniela González (Picture by Uxío da Vila)


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