18 May 2022

Students take us through their thesis projects, from behind the scenes to company satisfaction.

The thesis project represents the most comprehensive experience for master’s students, in which they become keenly aware of having acquired all the tools needed to create their professional futures, and to decide what kind of designers they want to be.

In this programme, students of past editions take centre stage, talking directly about their projects from their own personal and visual perspectives. The videos include projects dedicated to inclusiveness in sports, sustainable fashion, and digital communication in the world of eco-friendly cosmetics; projects that expand on briefs proposed by brands like Feltrinelli, Augusta Motors, Heineken and Burton; and projects consisting of animated shorts, music festivals, capsule collections, magazines, and even a tribute to 1970s Romagna.

Discover all the videos here:

Master Project Astreo e Sara - Animation Design

Master Project for Burton - Creative Direction 

Master Project for Ifi - Graphic Design 

Master Project for Omia - Digital Communication Strategy 

Master Project for Heineken - Event Management 

Master Project Post Glamour - Fashion Design 

Master Project The Luxury Hours - Fashion Marketing 

Master Project Romagna Golden Age - Fashion Communication and Styling 

Master Project for LaFeltrinelli - Brand Communication and Management 

Master Project for Augusta Motors - Brand Management and Communication 

Master Project Bodegant - Interior Design 

Master Project SOZO - Design, Innovation, Strategy and Product

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