07 June 2023

Students of Master in Graphic Design class have designed a special livery for the 75th anniversary of Defender.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Defender, International Motors has decided to involve students from the Master's program in Graphic Design at IED Firenze by launching a contest last month in which students designed a special livery.

The class has developed a digital project on the historical evolution of the vehicle, which visitors can admire until June 10th at International Motors - Florence. By simply pointing their smartphones at the displayed model of Defender in the showroom, as they move away, augmented reality will allow them to visualize the successive versions that have emerged over these 75 years, including hidden components behind the bodywork, such as the chassis and mechanics.

Furthermore, inside the showroom, there will be a separate modern visual journey that culminates with the exhibition of the extraordinary Defender 75th Limited Edition, the latest special edition created by Land Rover and an embodiment of future projection.

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