15 March 2023

L'Officiel and IED collaborate to enhance the talent of the young students of Fashion Communication & Styling Master course

The agreement provides for the publication of the best thesis papers at the end of the course on the official website of "L'Officiel" and on its social channels. The goal is to provide an unprecedented opportunity for IED students to showcase their talent to an international audience of fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals.

The four best projects selected for publication are: "Reincarnation", "Logos", "DE-FINE LINE" and "In bocca alla fortuna".
"Reincarnation" is a project by Aashita Mani and Teona Gagoshvili, the idea is to address the theme of life and death, birth and rebirth through surreal art.
"Logos" by Chiara Senese wants to represent the weight of social judgment on the individual, the confusion that it entails and, finally, the attempt of liberation not only from external judgment but also from the essence of the subject itself.
"DE-FINE LINE" by Cuscione Rebecca, Cammarota Valentina and Roscigno Manuel takes inspiration from the interaction that fashion has with cinema, art and photography. The intent is to represent an issue like mental health in an explicit way but without addressing its clinical aspect. The story is based on three girls, each representing a specific pathology: OCD, schizophrenia, attention deficit.
"In bocca alla fortuna" by Costanza Baio, Rosario D'Aversa and Flaminia Tonnicchi starts from the idea of the dream and imagination of an ideal life. We analyzed how the human mind could create a totally different and parallel world, in which it is possible to be anyone you want, without limits and social constraints. This deep theme was developed with a completely different approach, light and ironic.

This partnership represents an opportunity for young IED talents to show their work and reach new heights in their professional career.

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