30 October 2023

Experiencing digital life with a passion for technology and innovation.

The Undergraduate course in Media Design of IED Milano is the highly professional path for learning how to deal with new technologies and design experiences. 

Mattia Gadda, the course coordinator, answered our questions, in order to deepen the figure of the Media Designer. 


Who is the Undergraduate course in Media Design for?

The Undergraduate course in Media Design is ideal for creative technologists who are curious to uncover how design merges with the cutting-edge of technological innovation, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is designed for those captivated by the fusion of creativity and technology, eager to explore the expansive world of interactive design, coding, and digital innovation. The aspiring students should be inquisitive, with a drive to mold the future of digital interactions. Whether you are a creative thinker, a tech enthusiast, or someone aiming to transform ideas into interactive realities, this course will provide you with the tools to bring your vision into the professional world.


Which professional figures come out from this Undergraduate course in Media Design? 

The Undergraduate course in Media Design cultivates a diverse range of professionals with skills extending from design to technical implementation. Graduates can expect to emerge as App Developers, AI ML Designers, Web Designers, and Web Developers, with a strong proficiency in UI & UX Design. They are also ready to become Experience Designers, Multimedia Artists, and designers in interactive environments and home automation. The course equips individuals to merge advanced knowledge in ML and AI with a cultural and design understanding, enabling graduates to explore and innovate in both traditional and digital media. They are prepared to launch innovative startups, contribute to gamification projects, and for roles that require lateral thinking and a deep comprehension of interconnected technologies in the fabric of modern media.



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