06 October 2023

Outfits are the main characters of course but they’re not the only one. There are so many elements, and for sure professions, that make the fashion shows of the Milano Fashion Week always so special and catchy

Another Milan Fashion Week is coming to an end and, as in previous editions, there were breathtaking locations, unexpected graphic elements and guests of honor.
However, the key factors that make every fashion week unforgettable are not all related to the world of fashion. In fact, the shows that best surprise the public and the press, owe their success to a multitude of figures that pull the strings of the fashion system from behind the scenes. Some of the technical profiles that take part in the realization of the Fashion Week are the following: fashion designers, graphic designers and textile designers, fundamental for the creation of a product, then the product designer makes sure that the creative vision comes to life correctly throughout every step of the supply chain, the technical designer and quality assurance managers collaborate to verify the quality of the garment.
The finished product is then handed to the stylist, who will make it stand out on several occasions and in various contexts, online and offline. Another fashion player that now operates both online and offline channels and is becoming increasingly indispensable for brands in this sector is the visual merchandiser (or virtual showroom designer), which is in charge of creating attractive windows that stand out to the eye of the customer with a single glance. This figure also works with the e-commerce of the brand, which since after the pandemic has been equally important for the user experience.
Finally, the image of the collection, its presentation and the reputation of the brand are managed by the PR and Marketing team (content strategists, content creators, product managers, web designers, media designers, videomakers, graphic designers and photographers), whom ensure that the company, at the time of public exposure, is protected and remembered for all the right reasons.

The fashion industry is an always changing sector, the new professions required by the digital market are more and more requested and the boundaries with other professional fields are increasingly blurred, put to use your skills and find the IED Courses that are right for you!


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