16 December 2015

IED Madrid with Promperú came together for a transformation of crafts, gastronomy and tourism in Perú through design

The 42 finalists of the PerúDesignNet ideas competition travelled to Peru to form part of the PerúDesignNet Week, which took place from the 2nd to the 7th of November. There, they showcased and carried out their ideas, developing them with the help of the participating companies and a group of international facilitators: Britons, North Americans, French, Spaniards and Peruvians.

An initiative that provided solutions to real needs via an ideas competition for creatives and designers from all over the world. In collaboration with companies, professionals and citizens, they worked to turn these proposals into projects during the PerúDesignNet Week, taking part in workshops, activities and events.

The issues to be resolved belong to the Crafts, Gastronomy and Tourism sectors.

The jury composed of professionals and technicians of PromPerú, Mincetur and the IED Madrid, assessed the quality of the works and the innovative and creative potential of their authors, finally selecting the 6 winners who will take part in the Innovation Ecosystem.


The 6 winning projects took part of the Innovation Ecosystem, a growth platform which, on the basis of tutorials, supported the development of innovation and implemented the winning ideas at the SMEs taking part in PerúDesignNet.

The innovation ecosystem will lasted three months and companies and renowned international mentors guided them to transform their concepts into real actions that could be applied the national context.

The winners were:


Lee Sukielh (Suelem Lee Hong) (Brazil) / Winner in Artesanos de Túcume

Nelly Ragua Miranda (Colombia) / Winner in Tulp & Mezcla


Francesca Lasarte (Peru) / Winner in Amaz Foods

Rodrigo Sánchez Picazo (Spain) / Winner in


Ellen Mutchler (United States) / Winner in Llama Pack

Andrés Leonardo Carvajal Mateus (Colombia) / Winner in Peru For Less

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