El diseño artístico de los estudiantes del IED Barcelona crea un nuevo reflejo para las botellas de vidrio de Cervezas Alhambra


08 September 2023

The proposal also includes a solar charging point at its core so that it remains visible at night

In a bid to explore the artistic possibilities of design using its power of social criticism, IED Barcelona students have designed “Hanging By a Threat”, an installation made from used beer bottles and recycled material that invites us to think about the impact of the consumer society on the planet. Created for the occasion of Barcelona Design Week (BDW), it will be exhibited at the Disseny Hub Barcelona from 16 to 28 October.

The proposal emerged as a result of the Cervezas Alhambra, IED Barcelona and Barcelona Design Centre project for Barcelona Design Week 2023.

A group of students from the interdisciplinary class Upcycling: Waste is Precious, led by Marta Ayala, tackled the task of creating an installation for this week-long event dedicated to design in the city by giving a second life to the brand’s beer bottles. Among the different works presented, “Hanging By a Threat” by Violeta Martín and Lluis La Hoz was the work chosen to represent the institution.

The installation explores new possibilities to reuse this common material in a creative way while being socially committed, emphasising how unbridled consumerism has us hanging by a thread, and that the more weight it holds, the greater the risk of it breaking. In this way, it aims to awaken individual consciences about the amount of waste we generate, combining design and art.

“Hanging By a Threat” is composed of an abstract figure made from Alhambra beer bottles and recycled material that hangs from a thread within a 3D cubic structure. The proposal, which will be installed over the lake at Disseny Hub Barcelona, also includes a solar charging point at its core so that it remains visible at night.

The launch event of “Hanging By a Threat” will be held on 18 October, coinciding with the main day of the BDW, the motto of which is “Design for Human Future”.

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