Las artes visuales salen a la calle


24 July 2023

Projects ranged from the redesign of visual identities to immersive performances in a bid to attract new audiences

After four years of demanding training in the visual arts, students of the Bachelor’s Degrees in Graphic Design and Motion Graphics and Video from IED Barcelona presented their final theses this June at Nau Bostik. Innovative and creative works that range from the redesign of visual identities to enhance the value of heritage and attract new audiences, to immersive performances to transform the visitor’s audiovisual experience.

In the case of Graphic Design, students worked on the rebranding of the Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc, an emblematic artistic institution based in Barcelona that celebrates its 130th anniversary this year. The different proposals take their inspiration from a wide spectrum of areas, such as the architectural elements of the city’s Ciutat Vella district, where the Cercle is located, and 19th century Gothic typefaces, translated into a new style of lettering that evokes a sense of history and tradition (Reimagining heritage by Ugla Stefánsdóttir); and the idea of the explosive creativity of the entity itself, embodied in the form of dynamic and contrasting compositions (Sant Lluc és dibuix i molt més by Ariela Feinsaig).

Other works opted to showcase the legacy of the Cercle with a typography that encompasses images taken from its archive as a tribute to its rich past, as was the case of Visual Identity for Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc by Varvara Godovikova, Best Graphic Design Thesis 2023.

In addition to the final theses, the exhibition at Nau Bostik also featured fresh and extroverted graphic design proposals, such as Sals’UP by Manuel Cabrera-Kabana, an identity for a fast-food chain that proposes a typography created by experimenting with real sauce (ketchup and mustard).

A collective memory experience

In terms of Motion Graphics and Video, students worked on a range of projects for Colonia Güell in a bid to tell its story both from Gaudí’s vision and from a human perspective, and with an alternative approach that proposes new experiences and attracts new visitors. Some of the most representative projects on display at Nau Bostik in this regard were Unwoven memories by Thinh Truong (Best Motion Graphics and Video Thesis 2023); Noc noc by Katherine Svoboda; Ethereal Umbra by Idoia Ulchur; and Visionary by Sofya Gantimurova.

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