Footwear Design | © Estudiante:  Mario Garcia Coronado



Start date

October 2024




On campus


6 Months


30 IED

Course Coordination

Lambert Perera



Step into a field with its own unique personality and priorities. Discover what goes into every stage of a footwear design project, from the initial idea to marketing and communication strategies.

This Postgraduate program in Footwear Design opens the doors to a specialisation in a singular, competitive sector where knowledge of the product, materials and components, and how the fashion industry functions are essential, whether you’re managing a footwear fashion brand or a footwear production project.

In this program you’ll learn all the strategic concepts you need to design and develop any kind of footwear product, managing every stage of the process all the way to production control and finishing. The program includes a visit to a tannery and an artisan’s workshop where you’ll see how shoes can be made-to-measure, so you’ll experience every aspect of the sector, from industrial production to bespoke shoemaking.

Information to decide

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the production process creating your own footwear collection, taking your creative talent to new heights, experimenting with new technologies and exploring traditions of old.

In this program you’ll learn what goes into every stage of creating, producing and distributing a footwear collection, in theory-based classes, practice-based workshops and master classes held by professionals working in the sector.

You’ll develop your own collection project on the basis of a brief, internalising everything you’ve learned with hands-on experience. Developing your own project really brings home how your newfound know-how and tools work in practice. 

The teaching team is made up of some of the best professionals in the sector, specialised in key areas of footwear design, production and distribution.

This postgraduate is for people with a healthy passion for the world of fashion, and the footwear sector in particular. It’s a great program for students and graduates, also of the Fine Arts, who love to develop projects with meticulous attention to detail, leaving nothing to chance. 

If you’re a product, fashion or industrial designer looking to specialise in footwear design, this is the program you’re looking for. Basic knowledge of ADOBE is required. 

The wide range of job opportunities is another aspect to consider. When you finish the program you’ll be ready to work with a start-up, design studio, footwear company or consulting firm.

Studying footwear design in Barcelona puts you right where the action is, in close contact with some of the biggest Spanish and international footwear brands. This cosmopolitan region is home to some of the world's top fashion brands. 

IED collaborates with several of these brands, so studying at IED Barcelona is a great opportunity to see some of the top professionals in the sector at work, learn from their experience, and develop a solid network of contacts.

This postgraduate takes a comprehensive approach to sustainable design, fully integrated throughout the entire design process, from the selection of materials to preparing the business model and determining the associated services.


What will you learn?

Each subject in the course forms part of a complete learning experience to develop an integrative mindset. The course is divided into four main areas: Design; Business, innovation and financing; Marketing and communication and Project development.



Materials and technology

Smart materials and fabrics



Business, innovation and financing

Project communication

Pattern Design

Final Project (Business)

Final Project II (Design)

Final Project III (Marketing)


Lambert Perera

Course Coordinator

Estefanía García