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January 2025




On campus


6 Months


30 IED

Course Coordination

Anna Sabater



Master the secrets of managing a multi-segmented, eye-catching collection.

The success or failure of a fashion collection depends not only on the design. It also depends on the structure of the product, the style of the collections, the level of innovation, and factors such as price, process management time, and final quality.

The decisions taken in relation to these factors are the result of a comprehensive brand strategy and an efficient business model.

This English-taught Postgraduate in Fashion Product Management offers in-depth insight into product processes (efficient organisation and management), marketing and communication strategies, as well as the mechanisms of inspiration in the creative process, and trend development.

The program establishes a fine balance between the analytical and creative aspects, and offers a wealth of knowledge on all the functional areas that come within the realm of a fashion product manager’s competence such as retail, visual, art direction and communication.

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A postgraduate program with an international vocation, to take a fashion brand to success, leaving nothing to chance in product life cycle management.

The classes, modules and exercises of the postgraduate emulate the management of a professional fashion project and the process involved. The program is organised in various sessions: classes on theory, experimentation-case studies, practical project development, workshops and the chance to talk to professionals working in the field.

To finish the postgraduate you’ll develop your final project collaborating with a company in the sector, to implement your newfound know-how in a real market situation.

This postgraduate fits a range of profiles: from fashion designers who want to learn the secrets of coordination and product management, to product managers interested in the latest innovations, or marketing and communication professionals who want to take their knowledge of the fashion product to the next level.

Professionals working for fashion brands will find the program covers every aspect of product management, collections and how these aspects relate to other departments. We’ll study how each department contributes to the fashion product process, so people in Human Resources will find the program very useful.

If you want to find out how to boost creative, technical and communication processes, and understand exactly how each division of a company contributes to creating a product, this is the program for you.

This Postgraduate in Fashion Product Management gives you the strategic vision you need to set up or develop a brand, and make sure the brand’s collections stand out on a highly competitive market. You’ll have a global overview of the process involved in creating a fashion product, from the initial design to distribution and getting the garments to retailers on time.

This degree opens doors to new professional opportunities. With your creative talent and newfound know-how you’ll develop a very versatile and dynamic professional profile of undeniable interest to fashion brands.

And studying product management in English in Barcelona puts you right at the heart of the international fashion scene. The program is fundamentally a practice-based learning experience and includes classes on experimentation-case studies, practical project development, workshops and the chance to talk to professionals working in the field.



The Fashion System

The History of Fashion


Art Direction


Market Research

Strategic Marketing

Product Strategy

Efficiency Analysis

Style Codes


Branding and the Product


Trends and Styling


Fashion Marketing

Online marketing & communication

The fashion designer

Fast Fashion and Trends

Product Processes

Product Management

Purchasing, Logistics and Suppliers

The Merchandising Plan

Product Analysis and Guidelines

The Retail Product

POS Product Experience

Visual Merchandising

Intellectual Property & Licensing

A Sustainable Product


Mystery Product Shopping

Trend Analysis

The Definition of Style

Strategic Product Project

Final Project


Anna Sabater

Course Coordinator

Tatiana Valoira