Start date

April 2025




On campus


5 days


25 Hours

Course Coordination

Borja Vildósola


€ 750

A comprehensive overview of this field: phases, processes, agents and key elements to develop unique exhibition proposals.

Exhibition design is a fundamental tool for achieving ambiences capable of emphasising the characteristics of objects and works within a space and connecting them with their public. 

From this premise, the Bootcamp in Exhibition Design will offer you intensive training on the entire design process, from conceptualisation to assembly, exhibition proposals for museums, galleries, fairs, events or shop windows. 

Accordingly, you will acquire a transversal knowledge of the artistic and cultural scene, the institutions and companies that operate in it, the roles comprising it, the regulations, the relationship with suppliers and clients or logistics.  Furniture, materials, colour or lighting are other aspects that you will look at during the training. 

Your learning, guided by a team of professionals with experience in cultural and artistic institutions, will culminate with the development and presentation of a practical exercise.

Information to decide

A complete introduction to all phases, agents and elements of exhibition design from a team of experts in the sector.

Through theoretical-practical learning that combines creativity and knowledge of the sector, you will obtain an overview of exhibition design for artistic and cultural entities. 

Typologies, materials, colour, lighting, suppliers, competitions or regulations are some of the topics covered. You will also learn to identify the different figures and roles that exist within a cultural or artistic institution, as well as the role of an exhibition designer or the possible related professional opportunities.

The course includes visits and talks and ends with the completion and presentation of a practical exercise.

It is designed for professionals in architecture, interior design or design who, having previous knowledge and experience in conceiving spaces, wish to expand their job opportunities in a new field. 

You will enter an increasingly popular field for spatial design, which acts as a link between the artistic or cultural proposal and its public. 

From a theoretical-practical learning, you will discover how to develop an exhibition project from scratch. You will also learn about the role of an exhibition designer, which will open doors to new job possibilities. 

Taking the course in Bilbao is a plus, since the city is currently an obvious artistic and cultural reference, something that you will experience first-hand thanks to the visits proposed in the program and the experts who will guide your training. 



Art exhibitions

Product exhibitions and other events

Temporary urban facilities

Furniture, materials and plant design

Colour and lighting

Presentation and communication

Coordination and logistics

Institutions, specialised companies and competitions

Practical exercise and presentation


Borja Vildósola

Course Coordinator

Natalia Zubizarreta


Daniela Viloria


Itsaso Bartolomé


Udane Irastorza